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Brit expat Danny Glass denies Phuket fatal reckless driving charge, seeks donations for legal help

PHUKET: British expat Danny Glass has denied the charge of reckless driving causing death for the motorbike accident that killed his long-term partner Sophie Anderson and is calling for donations to help fund his legal defence.

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Shela Riva

Wednesday 31 May 2017, 08:46AM

Danny Glass, pictured here with Sophie Anderson, is calling for donations to fund lawyers for the undated court case. Photo: YouCaring / Danny Glass
Danny Glass, pictured here with Sophie Anderson, is calling for donations to fund lawyers for the undated court case. Photo: YouCaring / Danny Glass

Mr Glass was formally charged at Thalang Police Station on Saturday (May 27). (See story here.)

Ms Anderson, who was six months pregnant, was riding pillion on a motorbike when she spilled onto Thepkrasattri Rd in Thalang and was crushed by an 18-wheeled truck on May 8, leaving her 5-year-old son Shaye without his mother. (See story here.)

The driver of the truck – Nattawoot Kimchue, 30, from Phang Nga Province – initially fled the scene but later surrendered himself to police. He was also charged with reckless driving by Thalang police on Saturday.

“The police are trying to give me a charge of reckless driving, which I do not agree with whatsoever, because I was driving under the speed limit… I was driving in a straight line. I wasn’t doing anything illegal on the bike. So yeah, it is a wrong accusation that I have refused as of yesterday...” Mr Glass explained on his YouTube channel on Sunday.

“It was an accident. It was not the driver’s fault that he ran her over, it was an accident on his side and on my side. No one is to blame. It was just one of those freak accidents that happen,” Mr Glass said.

To fight the charge, Mr Glass appealed for public support to help fund his legal defence.

“I need to raise funds for legal help and lawyers to fight the case against me over Sophie’s accidental death,” he said in a second video on Sunday. (See video here.)

British International School, Phuket

“Any amount of money helps,” he said. “Please help me. I really need your help.”

An appeal page has been set up on with a target of raising £7,000 (more than B300,000) to pay for legal fees.

As of today May 31, the appeal had raised £1,275 (just over B56,000).

Meanwhile, Lt Col Sanit Nookong of the Thalang Police confirmed to The Phuket News yesterday (May 30) that police are still in the process of compiling the case file.

“We have yet to complete the case file before sending it to the Public Prosecutor. Then the Public Prosecutor will decide if it goes to court,” he explained.

“No bail was required. We are holding his (Mr Glass’s) passport and we are confident Mr Glass will keep his word and not run away,” Col Sanit added.

To make a donation to Mr Glass on the website, click here.



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The Phuket News
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Pauly44 | 04 June 2017 - 07:25:42

Jor 12; NO IT DOESN'T, Thai police are inherently corrupt from the top down, laws are not enforced nor are they worth the paper they're written on, society is lawless, someone of higher economical or social status can pay their way out of a serious crime in Thailand, they cannot do that in my country, have you ever seen any motorist pulled over for exceeding the speed limit, or even seen accurate signage for speed limits, does anyone adhere, are they actively enforced, Nope! So it doesn't matter. Your arguments are extremely weak, I firmly believe you are a plant by PN to garner more comments on their site as your comments simply cannot be taken seriously.

The Phuket News

Jor12 | 03 June 2017 - 16:18:51

Paully44... "The world knows how Thailand and it's police force operates - of operates same as it does anywhere else in the world. 
"laws are made and broken daily" - of course, that's how us humans are. If we didn't do anything wrong there wouldn't be a need for laws to regulate our behaviour.
"never enforced and incoherent" ... not so according to media reports of successful prosecutions and operations.
"Consequences of being unlucky i.e wrong place, wrong time"...correct unless you want police on every street corner and ping you for anything and everything. What a horrible society that would be to live in. 
"largely dependant on baht"... of course...that is the reason for fines.
"Tell me what is speeding in Thailand???" well hell if you don't know, whatever anyone says your aren't going to believe them.  However, speeding is governed bylaws and regulations. Driving faster than the proscribed speed limit is prima facie evidence of unreasonable speed.
"I have never seen any speed limit enforced anywhere.." really ought to get out more and consult statistics 
"RTP will almost always point the finger at any farang involved in an accident.." dunno how you arrive at the conclusion. In this case both drivers were charged, one a farang the other Thai. 
"You can't win" ...most probably because the evidence is so overwhelmingly against you. It's a bit like the bleeding heart Mr Glass, who says he has done nothing wrong. 

The Phuket News

Pauly44 | 03 June 2017 - 11:20:06

Why dream on Eagle? Truth doesn't sit well with you? The world knows how Thailand and it's police force operates, laws are made and broken daily, never enforced and incoherent. Consequences of being unlucky i.e wrong place, wrong time are largely dependant on baht, it seems everyone is saavy with the exception of you & your buddy Jor 12. Tell me what is speeding in Thailand??? I have never seen any speed limit enforced anywhere so what is the point. RTP will almost always point the finger at any farang involved in an accident regardless of the circumstances to either extort or to make a point TIT, you can't win, don't have any rights, and law has very little to do with it!

The Phuket News

Pauly44 | 02 June 2017 - 18:59:34

Eagle; You are wrong, in the country I am from it doesn't matter how wealthy you are or aren't or you social status, if you do the crime you do the time, that is not the case in Thailand at all.

The Phuket News

Jor12 | 02 June 2017 - 18:38:45

Paully44... LOL...reckless with intent? That's a new one. Never heard that one.

In Criminal law recklessness, it is irrelevant whether one planned to do what he/she did ie intent is not required to be proven. 

One is reckless if one is indifferent as to whether a risk eventuates, (speeding; following too close so as not to be able to stop in time) or where they hope and pray any risk will not come about (a car braking, double parked). For example, if for fun, I throw a brick over the balcony of my apartment onto the road below. I may know that someone may get hit by it and die, but did it anyway hoping that no-one will get killed. Or, if I burn a house knowing people are inside to scare them only, and people do die, in both cases they are guilty as they are indifferent about the result. Therefore, one doesn't need to see anything occurring as you suggest. One needs to balance of the degree of risk of the consequences, against the justification of that person taking that risk. That is what Mr Glass needs to do. 

Martin K...sorry if you don't find some on my comments as not being sensible. My comments were a brief rendition what the law is, with the intent to enlighten those who get their law degrees off the back of a cereal packet. Paully44 stated that the initial source of any accident ("the transferring of responsibility, the initial spark will be a driver doing something illegal) and culture should be taken into account, whereas in law such considerations are irrelevant. What is not sensible about that? What is relevant is what the rider was doing do when faced with these sources.

I see no "overwhelming" evidence that..."money does play a role in every step of the process." If you have that "overwhelming" evidence I am sure the Attorney General would love to hear about it. It's a proper application of the law. I also don't see any fault in the proper application of the law in the cases you have mentioned, so I am confident in calling you and anyone else crazy. If you talk to prison guards in any institution, they will tell you that anecdotally everyone there believes they are innocent, so you are not alone in that regard.

The Phuket News

Pauly44 | 02 June 2017 - 12:18:37

Jor 12; there is such a thing as reckless with intent, in this case there was no intent, his beloved partner was the victim and his supposeldy reckless actions may have been a result of someone elses, did you see it with your eyeballs?? Backing out is not illegal unless it causes an accident in the manner in which it is done in Thailand, I have seen cars slow to a stop and double park in the 2nd lane of traffic for a chicken run, this can cause an accident, there are many extaordinary contributing factors, like I said if he was speeding for the sake of it then he should be charged. Martin K's comment is bang on, money plays a pivotal role in Thai law and it's enforcement, anyone who disagrees is incredibly naive.

The Phuket News

MartinK | 02 June 2017 - 02:25:11

Jor12, whilst I can agree that justice is blind and the first part of your comment is sensible the remainder is not. The evidence is pretty overwhelming that money does play a role in every step of the process and it is naive to assert otherwise. As Christy Sweet points out anyone who has had dealings with the RTP or court system is well aware. Personally, I was once stopped at a red light and was rear ended by a local. I was charged with reckless driving and offered to pay 10,000 baht to the police for damage to the front end of the person who hit me. 20 years of residence in Phuket has given me many more examples I could cite and several cases of justice not being served in court. See Andy Hall, Koh Tao Murders, the texting 15 year old that killed a van full of people, etc. The Red Bull Case is very relevant, as in they pursue with vigor the farang operating the jet ski, Danny Glass, the russians having sex in a tuk-tuk but don't have much relish for bringing the Red Bull Heir, the actress who ran over a cop or the politician's son who shot a cop in front of 20 witnesses. I don't think labeling anyone who disagrees with you a crazy helps your case. 

I would state that keeping your mouth shut and going with the flow is a good way to get 20 years in Bang Kwan. The more public your case the better your odds of light being shined on the process and it being more transparent (this assumes of course you really are innocent). Personally, I would not like to rely on the whims of the court at sentencing if I truly believed I was not guilty.  Many, many times I have heard this rubric, seen people rely on the judiciary in SE Asia and watched them go down for the count.  I respect your right to an opinion alternate to my experience. Regardless, have a good day.

The Phuket News

Jor12 | 01 June 2017 - 19:11:16

Paully44... We are talking here about a woman who has been killed and what society expects. 

In this case, some facts are known and it is from those available facts, that it is clear that the rider was reckless. In all cases, in law, the source and culture - as you state - is irrelevant, be it parking, reversing (which, by the way is not illegal as you allege); sun in your eyes; roadworks etc. Source goes to any mitigation. It is incumbent on the driver to be aware of what is occurring and to take appropriate action, if you don't you're reckless.

How can you reconcile the use of discretion with the death of someone by someone who is reckless?. On your faulty reasoning it means that if I hang my 11 month old child when I am reckless, Police should use their discretion and I should not be not be charged? But then again you tried to tell me in a previous post that the Police DO NOT give a conclusion.

The Phuket News

Kurt | 01 June 2017 - 15:12:01

@ Christy Sweet.  Yes, you are right.
However, Mr Glass and his lady partner were/was here just with holidays.
In his country the law does not work as he experience now here on Phuket.
I am sure the thai way of law it appears to him as a culture shock.
In his own country he never would go through the idiotisme he experience now.

Is it true that in such a case only a thai lawyer is allowed to 'guide and present'?

I think it is about time that foreign countries pay more attention to such cases on radio, tv, and newspapers.
Show their citizens how unexpected, suddenly a foreigner after a accident can become a money prey in Thailand.

That a thai legal process is a rubber process.
If you compare that with the rich girl at age of 16 that, without driving license, killed driving a number of people and never saw a prison inside.
Same with that runaway Red Bull heir kid. killed a police officer, travels happy and free international 4.5 years after the killing. 
Always kept his passport until today with the back up of the selective thai justice system.

One person here repeatedly wrote that the lawyers of the Red Bull kid make use of the thai laws to full extend.
I call it 'rubber use' and misuse of the thai laws, only possible because of influents and corruption money.
Very clear to see if you compare the non logic 'justice' about the 3 cases.

Thai officials still not realize the power of international cyber. 
They still think in local village terms.
Not realizing that international wise they loose status, face, respect and trust.
Just downgrading themselves.

The Phuket News

Christy Sweet | 01 June 2017 - 14:02:25

While I understand Mr Glass' dilemma and anguish, he is doing himself no favors by making very public confessions as to his responsibility in the death, and secondly, attempting to fight the charge-also in as public a manner as possible which will only see him draw the ire of the court instead of sympathy. He's heading down a very dark lane in a bad part of town. I'm wondering if he's getting poor legal advice from an attorney with a wallet as main concern, not his liberty. Somebody needs to intervene.

The Phuket News
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