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Bid for more drinking hours fails

BANGKOK: The Alcoholic Beverage Control Committee on Friday (Nov 25) dismissed a private sector proposal to extend the period of selling alcoholic beverages at night venues until 4am.

By Bangkok Post

Saturday 26 November 2022, 09:26AM

Tourists enjoy their food and drinks on Khao San Road on Sept 23, 2022. Photo: Pormprom Satrabhaya / Bangkok Post

Tourists enjoy their food and drinks on Khao San Road on Sept 23, 2022. Photo: Pormprom Satrabhaya / Bangkok Post

The committee’s prime concern with the proposal was a potential increase in road accidents due to increased alcohol consumption, said Dr Tares Krassanairawiwong, chief of the Department of Disease Control, who is also the committee’s secretary.

He said the panel, in their decision, was concerned that more accidents would greatly burden medical staff, reports the Bangkok Post.

Along with the private sector, the Tourism and Sports Ministry proposed to the government in September to consider allowing night entertainment venues at major tourist destinations such as Koh Samui of Surat Thani, Phuket, and Khao San Road in Bangkok to stay open later than 2am or until 4am to boost tourism.

However, Dr Tares said the committee considered all aspects involved ‒ health, society and the economy ‒ and found that it was improper to extend the period of alcohol sales.

“Its impact is immense if the period is prolonged. We don’t want to see increasing numbers of accidents,” he said.

The committee’s study found that an extended period of alcohol selling would increase road accidents by 27%, and the number of road fatalities would be up to 10-20 cases per day.

If there were aggressive law enforcement activities, such as police checkpoints at night, it would help prevent drunk drivers by 30-50%, but it might not reduce fatalities, he said.

Currently, the law allows alcohol sales during two periods; 11am-2pm and 5pm to midnight for vendors and until 2am for night entertainment venues. The private sector says such hours are insufficient for the tourism industry.

Dr Tares said that the final decision would be made by the National Alcoholic Beverage Policy Committee headed by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. The meeting is scheduled for Dec 22.

The panel also approved a plan to require provinces to provide the details of their alcohol control efforts every six months.

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Taswegian | 01 December 2022 - 09:04:22

@christysweet: What?

christysweet | 30 November 2022 - 11:22:15

...coupled with a fatalist belief system and  rampant, almost unchecked capitalism worship  makes for westerner's frustration with the local governance.  

christysweet | 30 November 2022 - 11:16:51

It's not the education system, it is a evolutionary  survival  mode for the tropical brain which is food is plentiful year round so no need to plan for the future. 

christysweet | 30 November 2022 - 11:14:23

Huh? Reducing drunk drivers by 30% to 50 % might not reduce fatalities.." ?   Hope that is an error in translation of course  it is going reduce  colissions which are not 'accidents' when people are speeding or drunk or distracted eating or...... 

Kurt | 30 November 2022 - 11:05:00

Of course it counts for the Phuket transport mafia as well. Seen the number of official taxi parking spaces all over Patong? Ridiculous. A private person can't park his car nowhere anymore. Not even in day time when most by taxis claimed spots are empty. Patong became for car owners a place to avoid. No shopping, no eating there anymore.

Kurt | 30 November 2022 - 10:39:36

Anyway, the Patong Republic, with private business Rulers go their own sweet opening hours time. They don't give a damn whatever 'Bangkok' wants/dictates. There is a infrastructural 'pay-off' system to keep local government officials quiet. Sabai-sabai.

CaptainJack69 | 26 November 2022 - 17:08:40

Transparently non-sequitur. Why would a change of time affect traffic collisions? Almost as if the powers the be might have invested interests in the 'legal' hours not being extended. Crazy right? I mean it's not as is any high ranking officials are being paid to look the other way while alcohol is openly sold until the wee small hours in those areas under consideration.... Right?

Old guy | 26 November 2022 - 14:08:38

@Kurt. Congratulations Kurt! You actually posted a lucid comment! 

Old guy | 26 November 2022 - 14:04:53

As usual, authorities have no knowledge as to what causes or resolves problems. All due to an education system that does not teach creative thinking that can easily solve problems. And the same archaic thinking means Thailand will not use proven solutions from other countries.
Backwards thinking from a perpetually 3rd world country. 

JohnC | 26 November 2022 - 10:03:31

The 3 hours no selling from 2-5pm is a complete waste of time. Anybody can easily buy alcohol during that time any day of the week in just about any location. Selling from 12 noon to 12 midnight for vendors makes much more sense.

Kurt | 26 November 2022 - 10:00:29

It's all in: ..."IF there were aggressive law enforcement activities"....  See now, no alcohol extention hours, is the fault of a non functioning police force in enforcing the traffic laws. No matter what time of the day.


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