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Bangkok blasts linked to 'international tensions'

A series of blasts in Bangkok that seriously wounded a suspected Iranian bomber are linked to global political tensions, a Thai official said Wednesday, after Israel accused Tehran of involvement.

Wednesday 15 February 2012, 11:01AM

"Yesterday's incident was caused by current international tensions in world politics," National Security Council Secretary General Wichean Potephosree told a news conference.

"It's happening not only in Thailand but also elsewhere."

A man carrying an Iranian passport had his legs blown off as he hurled an explosive device at Thai police in one of three blasts in Bangkok on Tuesday, officials said.

The explosions came a day after bombers targeted Israeli embassy staff in the capitals of India and Georgia, with a female diplomat seriously wounded in New Delhi, in attacks Israel said were plotted by Iran.

Thai bomb squad experts were called out to the Sukhumvit Road area in the east of the city after an apparently unintended blast at a house, following which three men were seen fleeing, authorities said.

One of the men hurled an explosive device at a taxi, which refused to stop, and then tried to throw another at police, triggering a blast at the side of a busy road which tore off his legs, they said.

Authorities detained a second Iranian man trying to board a flight out of the country while the third suspect was believed to have fled to Malaysia.

Bangkok has been on the watch for a terror attack since police last month charged a Lebanese man suspected of planning a strike following a US warning that tourist areas might be targeted.




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