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B800mn Phuket Rajabhakti Park revived as Royal National Park of Surin Beach

PHUKET: A plan to have an B800 million Rajabhakti Park at Surin Beach, which was scrapped almost one year ago and was to be replaced with a lesser-costing B12mn Surin Park, appear to have been revived by the Government now under the title ‘Royal National Park of Surin Beach’.

By The Phuket News

Saturday 13 January 2018, 05:00PM

Deputy Chief of the Royal Thai Army Gen Yodsanan Raicharoen. Photo: PR Dept

Deputy Chief of the Royal Thai Army Gen Yodsanan Raicharoen. Photo: PR Dept

Details of the newly-named park were announced yesterday (Jan 12) during a visit by Deputy Chief of the Royal Thai Army Gen Yodsanan Raicharoen who made a personal visit to the site where the park will stand.

Speaking during his visit to Surin Beach yesterday, Gen Yodsanan said, “The Royal National Park of Surin Beach will have to relate to local organisations which support OTOP goods and which are made by people in the local community.

Various government agencies including the Phuket Provincial Public Works and Town & Country Planning Office and the private sector in Phuket must develop this site to be a tourist destination which relates to King Rama IX and members of the Royal family.

In addition, this must be a conservation area for the public in the long-term,” Gen Yodsanan said.

This park will feature a Development Service Centre, Marine Science Centre, Exhibition Centre showing Royal projects from the country’s 76 provinces, Cultural Centre, Sightseeing Building, Nine Kings Monument, King Rama IX’s Photo Exhibition, Sailing Museum, Golf Course, Local Food Court, Activity Area, Car Park, and gardens highlighting the four regions of Thailand.

All together this project is worth B800mn and I expect this budget to be approved by the Government.

This project will be a good solution to reviving Surin Beach,” he added.

QSI International School Phuket

On Sept 20, 2016, it was confirmed by then Phuket Vice Governor Chokdee Amornwat that work on Rajabhakti Park to be built at Surin Beach would start in October 2016 with a total budgeted cost of the project slated to reach B800 million.

The total cost of construction of Rajabhakti Park will be more than B800mn,” V/Gov Chokdee told The Phuket News at the time.

The project was proposed to Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha on Friday (Sept 16). Next, we will submit the proposal to Cabinet for approval,” he said. (See story here.)

However, on Jan 19 last year, then Phuket Governor Chockchai Dejamornthan confirmed to The Phuket News that plans to build the B800mn Rajabhakti Park at Surin Beach had been scrapped and that a lesser-costing public park would replace it.

Speaking to The Phuket News at the time, Gov Chockchai said, “We have now cancelled all plans to build the Rajabhakti Park at Surin Beach. We have now decided to build a park which will be named Surin Public Park.”

When asked why the plans to build the Rajabhakti Park had been cancelled, Gov Chockchai said, “We believe that it is not worth spending B800mn on this project. We can build a park for a lot less, and the money we save can be used for other projects.” (See story here.)



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