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Alro changes regulations on SorPorKor land use

Alro changes regulations on SorPorKor land use

BANGKOK: The Agricultural Land Reform Office (Alro) has revamped its regulations to allow SorPorKor landholders to develop their plots into apartment buildings, gas stations and food-processing plants, among others.

By Bangkok Post

Saturday 14 November 2020, 09:31AM

The entrance to the notorious Tiger Temple in Sai Yok district, Kanchanaburi, was located on land seized by the Agricultural Land Reform Office in 2016. Photo: Phiyarach Choncharoen / Bangkok Post file

The entrance to the notorious Tiger Temple in Sai Yok district, Kanchanaburi, was located on land seized by the Agricultural Land Reform Office in 2016. Photo: Phiyarach Choncharoen / Bangkok Post file

The SorPorKor programme was enacted in 1975 with the aim of distributing degraded forest tracts to poor and landless farmers to harvest crops, reports the Bangkok Post.

However, some people have over the years abused the programme by developing their allocated land to house commercial buildings.

Vinaroj Sapsongsuk, secretary-general of Alro, on Friday (Nov 13) said the office has revised the rules to permit farmers to maximise the use of their SorPorKor land by allowing additional economic activities. The move was also intended to close loopholes, he said.

“The previous regulation gave overly broad definitions of specific activities regarding SorPorKor land,” Mr Vinaroj told the media in a press briefing. “The broad definitions lead to various interpretations.”

“So, we decided to revise the regulation to show SorPorKor [land] holders of what they can or cannot do on the plots.”

Under the previous version of the regulation, each qualified farmer is entitled to a maximum of 50 rai of land. The land cannot be sold but it can be handed down to their children.

In practice, it had largely been misused. In some areas such as Wang Nam Khieo in Nakhon Ratchasima province, massive SorPorKor land plots were turned into luxurious country homes and resorts.

Alro began revising the SorPorKor regulation last year, specifically on what activities can be conducted on allocated land plots.

The new rule now allows 12 uses: farming, gas station, drinking water plant, market place, vehicle dealership, retail shop, post office, healthcare facility, restaurant, school, apartment complex and food processing plant.

Mr Vinaroj said the revision opens the door for investors to open a processing plant on SorPorKor land.

“However, each investment project must be approved by Alro and must benefit farmers,” he noted. Regarding the controversy surrounding apartment construction on SorPorKor land, Mr Vinaroj stressed a housing project is possible if investors can prove it will benefit farmers.

He denied the accusation that the regulation was revised to favour politicians planning to develop service apartments.

The director-general said that on the contrary, Alro is working with the Department of Public Works and Town & County Planning to draft new regulations to draw demarcated lines for communities, zoning and set up protected land plots for harvesting crops.

“The number of communities has jumped from 5,000 in 1993 to over 10,000 right now,” he said. “If we don’t limit space, there will be less and less number of land for plantations.”

Alro has allocated up to 40 million rai of land to farmers, it said.

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Pascale | 15 November 2020 - 11:50:21

@Kurt   Why should he has personal interests in Phuket ? Did you read the article ? It's about the whole of Thailand and not a specific Phuket issue. What is your professional history, working background that makes you think that you can speculate on other peoples interests ? Are you a profiler ?

Kurt | 15 November 2020 - 10:42:00

Question: Who is Mr Vinaroj, secretary-general of Alro. What is his professional  history, working background, perhaps personal interest with land issues on Phuket? Or his wife's? 

CaptainJack69 | 14 November 2020 - 11:53:55

Criminal. This is supposed to be agricultural use. That means ONLY for growing things on and nothing else. Half of the hills on Phuket are designated for this. Are we now going to see even more overpriced low-quality condos in ridiculous locations? We need roadblocks to over-development, not invitations for it. Corruption at its most blatant.

Capricornball | 14 November 2020 - 10:12:02

Officials no longer even need to try and hide their corrupt actions...just ram it through and carry on with their own self-enriching projects while the poor continue to eat s#!^.  How in the hell is a gas station or vehicle dealership beneficial to farmers?  Just an ongoing sad state of affairs in Thai gov't. I think corruption will always rule the roost here...always has.

Fascinated | 14 November 2020 - 09:36:01

No doubt this will be retroactive and a certain 'chicken farmer' will suddenly free herself from all charges. The '12 uses' goes completely against the grain of what the land is designated for. Of course is is about 'influential people' and all about the money. This place gets more corrupt by the day.


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