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Presenters Live 89.5


Host of 'Drive on Live'

Q. What were you doing before you came to Phuket ?
A. I was Rockin' n' Rollin' through the Summer Circus of Fun that is the 'UK Festival Scene'.

Q. How did you start working at Live 89.5 ?
A. I received an e-mail from a man with vision, The Big Boss, 'Mr Simon Samaan', and said yes to his offer of broadcasting across the Airwaves of Phuket again.

Q. What do you like most about living here ?
A. it's not There.. (whatever 'There' is)

Q.What's your favourite film and why?
A. Probably 'DIG' !!, it's a Rockumentary mainly about 2 bands filmed over 7 years and it's one of the great insights into the world of musicians - explosive and dramatic yet real, it's a rollercoster of a movie that I'll never get tired of watching.

Presenters Live 89.5


Host of 'Good Morning Phuket' weekdays from 7am

Chris comes to us all the way from the sunny beaches of Canada, where he worked as a Radio and Television presenter in the should-be capital of Toronto. After unintentionally witnessing a series of mafia hits, Chris fled Canada for the safety of himself and his family a la 'Some Like It Hot'.

After bouncing around Europe and the Middle East for a few months he landed softly on the island of Phuket and made it his new home. Chris has an affinity for Water Buffalo and talks of them often, but also keeps you informed with the latest News, Weather and Sport as the host of "Good Morning Phuket" every morning from 7-11am on Live 89.5.

Presenters Live 89.5


Host of 'Asia Pop 40'

Asia Pop 40 is hosted each week by Asia's own Dom Lau. Dom is one of the most recognised faces on TV in Asia thanks to his work as anchor for E! News Asia airing on the E! Entertainment channel. Dom also spent five years with Asia's premier music network, Channel [V], where he was fondly known as "VJ Dom".

Dom has reported on-location from various album launches, film premieres to live events such as concerts and fashion shows. Dom hosted "Live From The Red Carpet" at both the 79th & 81st Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood and also reported from the Grammy Awards. He has interviewed over 50 A-list celebrities from the worlds of film, television, music and fashion.

With Asia Pop 40, Dom brings his own brand of highly-charged entertainment and great music for three hours every week of the year to stations across the world.

Presenters Live 89.5


Host of 'Health Moment with Hayden'

Hayden is a HN - 'Certified Health Nut'. He's a surfer, snowboarder, Celebrity Coach, loves eating good food and going walkabout. His first radio work was at 91.FM in New Zealand as Promotions Manager: basically organising wet T-Shirt competitions in pubs (hotels). Nice work if you can get it!

Hayden also acts as Assistant Tour Manager for the band 'Placebo', organising live radio interviews/ shout outs/tv shoots/journalists, blah, blah. On Live 89.5 Hayden presents a daily 'chin wag' about living well, lifestyle, dropping fat and all that stuff.

An all round freak who doesn't follow what most 'normal' people do.

Presenters Live 89.5


Host of 'LA Spinz'

Peter Reynolds live and loves the whole celebrity gossip scene. He lives in LA and has contacts in the industry so you know you’re getting the inside news on who’s who and what’s happening in Tinsel Town. Peter’s ‘LA Spinz’ plays three times every day.