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Apart from the island’s best music list we want to keep you up to date with everything you need to know. There is no better resource for news and information than The Phuket News Centre and LIVE 89.5.
LIVE 89.5 is the only Phuket radio station to present its own local and national news service. At half-past the hour from 7am - 7pm, LIVE 89.5 bring you the day’s important stories from around Phuket and Thailand. We source the news through The Phuket News Centre and share our resources with The Phuket News and Phuket News TV.

Even though we live in Phuket we need to keep in touch with the news from the rest of the world. There is no better worldwide news service than the BBC. We share a three minute hourly update during weekdays and then a 2 minute BBC news headline service overnights and on weekends.

We all want to know the day’s weather and LIVE 89.5 keeps you up to date with the very latest forecast at all times. We have gone through all the weather aggregators and chosen weather.com as the most reliable. In addition we have the resources of the Thailand Meteorological Office at hand including their live radar which updates every 10 minutes. Our weather reports follow the BBC news at the start of each hour.

During the annual wet season we will provide you with the surf conditions twice every morning so you can plan your day along any of the west coast beaches. The reports are updated daily and include the predicted wave heights, tide times, sunrise and sunset. If swimming during the wet season please keep an eye for the flag (don’t swim on beaches with red flags) and listen to instructions from the life-guardws patrolling the beaches.

Mondays to Fridays we present The Phuket News Hour from 11am - Midday. The program presents a collection of the big local and national stories plus a few of the bigger stories from around the world. The program is repeated Tuesday to Saturday mornings at 6am.