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World’s largest rabbit hops on

Easter has come and gone, but tell that to this bunny.

By The Phuket News

Friday 2 May 2014, 04:09PM

Meet Darius, the world's largest rabbit who weighs, who munches on two large bowls of rabbit mix a day – along with 12 carrots, cabbages and apples.

“If Darius had his way, he would never stop eating. He is very greedy. I have to really watch him,” says Annette Edwards, the bunny's 62-year-old owner from Worcester.

Guinness World Record officials say the animal weighs in at 22.2 kg and measures at 1.3 m – about the same size as the owner's six-year-old neighbour Mia.

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Ms Edwards admitted that she spends £2,500 (B135,000) a year feeding the five-year-old animal, a diet that includes 4,000 carrots in that span.

“There is no secret to growing the world’s biggest rabbit. I just look after Darius as if he was a dog. I treat him really well and indulge him in the odd carrot or 12,” she said.



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