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Phuket: Working on your six pack

PHUKET: Yes, we would all like that perfect six-pack and I’m not talking about that six-pack of your favourite beer. The perfect abs will not be achieved by drinking beer at your local pub, over-indulging in fast foods and lazing around on the couch watching your favourite sports channel and nibbling on snacks.

By Patrick du Preez

Monday 10 December 2012, 05:33PM

Yes we all like to treat ourselves once in a while and as long as this is done in moderation it is not a problem. As long as you develop healthy eating, drinking and training habits then it’s fine.

Easier said than done of course. It requires dedication, willpower, time and plenty of motivation. It amazes me when I read advertisements that profess: ‘The perfect six-pack in six weeks’ or the amazing ‘Before and After’ photos of rapid weight loss.

Constant training, hard work and ensuring healthy eating habits will help you achieve a slimmer waistline over a period of time, but how do we go about developing that ultimate six-pack?

The aim is to strengthen your abdominal core muscles and lose body fat. Set yourself some realistic goals to achieve your ideal body weight.

This will vary depending on your age, height and gender. People with genetic tendencies may gain weight easier than others.

Work on developing healthy eating habits and cut down on your alcohol intake, sugary drinks and pastries. Start with a suitable exercise and training programme. A training partner or a personal trainer will help to keep you motivated.

You will need to lose the layer of fat that that covers your muscular abs to achieve that ultimate six pack. By losing a few extra kilos in fat and gaining lean muscle mass, this will certainly improve your health and lessen your chance of a possible heart attack.

Ongoing exercise will ensure a healthy lifestyle. Here follows a few steps that will get you started to achieve your goals.

Lose Fat

·Do cardio workouts

·Eat smaller dinners

·Don't skip breakfast

·Lift weights

·Keep metabolism steady

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·Drink plenty of water

·Eat whole grains

Exercises for developing your abs

·Crunches – bent knees, arms on chest, raise upper torso and hold – don't lift entire back.

·Sit Ups – bent knees, arms on chest, lift lower back off floor – straight back.

·Train your core muscles by doing squats and deadlifts.

·Leg Lifts

·Jackknife sit ups – lifting legs and torso simultaneously

·Static holds – push up position on your forearms – hold 60 sec +

·Train oblique muscles – bicycle crunches

Gyms often have a variety of benches, machines that will assist with getting your abs into shape.

Persevere and never give up!


The opinions and advice contained in this column are those of the author only. The Phuket News is not responsible for the outcome or results of following any advice in any situation.



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