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Voters willing to be bought

Friday 18 February 2011, 03:37AM


A small majority of Thai voters asked by a university poll said they were willing to accept money from election candidates who wanted to buy their votes.

The poll by Bangkok's Assumption University of 2,604 eligible voters in Bangkok and 17 other provinces, published on February 13, found that 53.2% would be willing to sell their votes, 40.2% would not and 6.6% were undecided.

Central Phuket

The poll showed that the Northeast had the highest proportion of people willing to sell their votes, at 69.6 per cent, followed by Bangkok.

Some 79.5% of voters asked admitted vote-buying took place in their communities but 20.5% denied it.

On the question of political affiliation, 61.1% said they were uncommitted, 27.2% supported the Government and 11.7% did not.



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