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Saved from burning car! Phuket’s ’Monkey Island’! World Cup gambling? || June 14

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Family saved from burning car! |:| Phuket's 1st 'Monkey Island'? |:| World Cup gambling |:| Surrendering after Phuket fight |:| Temple case gets deeper
Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket

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Episode 2: Tattoo Artist || Phuket After Dark
Post when: Dec 14 2018 12:12:13 on:

It's not easy being a single mother while working nights as a tattoo artist and going to school. Just don't tell that to Smile, who is able to do it all! Check out her story on the second episode of Phuket After Dark. Producer: JP Mestanza

Underweight zoo animals? Crash on 2nd day of work! All-night stakeout? || Dec. 13
Post when: Dec 13 2018 18:01:11 on:

PHUKET XTRA - December 13 Anti-Chikungunya offensive |:| All night stakeout nets 4 |:| Underweight zoo animals |:| US Ambassador visits Phuket |:| Van hits motorbike 2nd day on the job Hosted by: JP Mestanza
ThePhuketNews.com || #Phuket 1- Spike in Phuket infections spur anti-Chikungunya offensive
  2- Phuket tourist passenger van driver takes out motorbike on 2nd day of work
  3- All-night stakeout nets 4 suspects for illegal guns, drugs
  4- US Ambassador to Thailand visits Phuket; Income affidavits for visas to cease Jan. 1
  5- Zoo inspection after shocking photos of underweight animals

Exploding motorbike! Deadly driver confession? Drunk cop’s fatal fight! || Dec. 12
Post when: Dec 12 2018 18:08:50 on:

PHUKET XTRA - December 12 Exploding motorbike! |:| Deadly U-turn driver confesses! |:| Toxic chemical found in school veggies |:| Drunk loser cop kills man |:| Thai shot dead in France terror attack! Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Driver confesses to deadly Chalong U-turn that killed two tourists
  2- Motorbike explodes in flames!
  3- Toxic chemicals found in school lunch fruits and vegetables
  4- Drunk cop shoots tourist dead after losing fist fight
  5- Thai man shot dead in France terror attack

Elephant goes rogue! 3rd fire in a week? Seven test-takers arrested! || Dec. 11
Post when: Dec 11 2018 18:03:26 on:

PHUKET XTRA - December 11 Rangers vs elephant at national park |:| 3rd fire in less than a week! |:| 7 arrested for taking tests |:| Mid-flight seizure forces emergency landing |:| Over 3,000 in Phuket cycling event Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Third fire in less than a week at worker's residence in Wichit
  2- Over 3,000 Phuketians join tens of thousands nationwide in cycling event
  3- Emergency landing in Phuket after mid-flight seizure
  4- Seven arrested for taking tests for others
  5- Rangers vs elephant at Khao Yai National Park

Anti-drug activist is massive dealer! Surpise: Deadly Thai roads! Fishing then missing? || Dec. 10
Post when: Dec 10 2018 18:26:32 on:

Phuket Xtra December 10th 2018 Where does Thailand place on road fatalities for 2018? We have the results of the latest World Health Organization study. Local man goes missing while fishing in water reservoir. Anti-drug activist busted with millions of speed pills. And an official end to the ban of political activities coming sooner than you may think. All today on Phuket Xtra with a Chris Howson (filling in for JP today) 1-The figure for Thailand was up marginally from 32.6 in the last WHO survey three years ago, when the country had the second-highest road fatality rate in the world, behind only Libya. 2-As Thailand gears up next years general election, the regime has announced it will lift the ban on political activities beginning tomorrow when the Act on the election of MPs takes effect. 3-huket rescue team divers are scouring the Bang Neow Dum reservoir for a man who failed to come home over the weekend after he went fishing at the lake. 4-A female Chinese University student has been found dead in a dormitory in the northeastern province of Khon Kaen yesterday morning. 5-And Police have seized assets worth 28 million baht from a Chiang Mai woman, known locally as an anti-drug campaigner, after finding an estimated 200 million baht worth of methamphetamines in her van.  

Movie-style cop chase! Phuket roads to close? Propeller slashing charges! || Dec. 7
Post when: Dec 07 2018 18:25:52 on:

PHUKET XTRA - December 7 Movie-style cop chase! |:| Phuket roads to close? |:| Charges over propeller slashing |:| Young sailors go hard! |:| Dolphin in care dies Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Phuket speedboat captain, crewman and guide all charged for Chinese tourist slashed by Phi Phi tour boat propeller
  2- Dolphin in care dies, Phuket marine experts now question 'plastic'
  3- Movie-style chase! Cop shoots from back of motorbike at a car in high-speed pursuit in Krabi
  4- Phuket roads to close for Bike Un Ai Rak
  5- Young sailors show their skills in the Dinghy classes at Phuket King's Cup Regatta!



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