Thousands join Thailand protest! Immigration overwhelmed, and sends warning? || September 21

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PHUKET XTRA - September 21 || Brought to you by

Immigration warning for tourists after Sept. 26 |:| Over 50,000 rally in Bangkok protests, and so much more |:| Phuket’s wild weather |:| Special Visa prompts TAT inquiries |:| Russian woman killed in Phuket crash |:| Zero new Covid cases today

Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket

1- Tourists face arrest, jail for overstaying past Sept. 26 amnesty deadline
2- Over 50,000 come out for anti-government rally in Bangkok
MORE: Officials mull charges against protest leaders
MORE: Plaque symbolising democracy now removed from Sanam Luang
MORE: Military officials seized, burn 45,000 books on Monarchy reform
3- Phuket’s wild weather fells trees, cuts off power across island
MORE: Phuket beaches closed as foreigners saves from storm
4- Special visa provisions prompt TAT inquiries
5- Russian woman killed in Rawai motorbike accident
6- Zero new Covid cases today

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Thai food dominates ’best’ list! Overseas yachts welcome! Phuket golf! || October 22
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PHUKET XTRA - October 22 || Brought to you by Bangkok state of emergency lifted |:| Thai dishes dominate best food list! |:| More Covid cases in Thailand today |:| Hospitality Golf Challenge 2020 |:| Overseas yachts now welcome Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Overseas yachts now welcome as per new CCSA approvals
  2- Bangkok state of emergency lifted, amid protests
  3- Thai dishes dominate CNN Travel’s ’World’s 50 Best Food’, Massaman curry takes top prize
  4- Arrivals from 7 countries found infected  

Island collapse? Tension mounts as protesters march to Government House! || October 21
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PHUKET XTRA - October 21 || Brought to you by Island collapse dumps tonnes of rock onto coral reef |:| Bangkok protests continue with march to Gov’t House |:| Meteor shower tonight |:| Phuket Vegetarian Festival continue |:| Nine new Covid19 cases in Thailand today Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Island collapse dumps 30,000 tonnes of rock onto Phi Phi national park reef
  2- Bangkok protests continue at Victory Monument, court overturns news agency’s ban
MORE: Protest leaders’ denied bail
MORE: Royalists’ show of force
  3- Stargazers delight as Orionid meteor shower at about 11pm
  4- Phuket Vegetarian Festival continues! Food vendors warned of overcharging.
  5- Nine new Covid-19 case in Thailand today

Damage done for Phuket’s tourism industry? Protester’s ’Surprise’! || October 20
Post when: Oct 20 2020 19:56:02 on:

PHUKET XTRA - October 20 || Brought to you by Protest ’surprise’ is to stay home |:| Covid vaccine in June, at earliest |:| Damage Done: Phuket’s tourism industry devastated |:| 9 new Covid-19 cases in Thailand |:| Vegestarian Festival continues Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Damage Done: Phuket’s tourism industry will take years to recover, say experts
  2- Protest update: ’Big surprise’, arrests, and emergency decree.
MORE: Court orders online ban of VoiceTV MORE: Petition against protest violence as parliament recalled   4- Thailand to see Covid vaccine in June, at the earliest
  5- Phuket Vegetarian Festival continues, processions tomorrow
  6- Nine new Covid-19 cases in Thailand on Tuesday

Day 6 of Thailand protests! Phuket rally? Vegetarian Festival in full swing! || October 19
Post when: Oct 19 2020 19:58:08 on:

PHUKET XTRA - October 19 || Brought to you by Thailand protests enter day 6|:| Officials makes move to end protests |:| Phuket Vegetarian Festival in full swing |:| Cat torturer caught in Phi Phi |:| Five more Covid-19 cases in Thailand today Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Anti-government Protests continue, including one in Phuket
MORE: Authorities block 4 news sites, take down protest-friendly Facebook page
MORE: Protesters shift social media apps
  2- Officials make moves to end demonstrations
  3- Vegetarian Festival in full swing
  4- Five more Covid-19 cases in Thailand today
  5- Cat torturer caught in Phi Phi Islands

Riot police vs protesters! Phuket Vegetarian Festival begins! Tourists coming next week? || October 16
Post when: Oct 16 2020 20:41:24 on:

PHUKET XTRA - October 16 || Brought to you by Confrontation between police and protesters |:| First international tourist arrivals due next week |:| Phuket Vegetarian Festival begins |:| 4 new Covid-19 cases in Thailand today Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Phuket Vegetarian Festival hoped to generate over B350mn MORE: Schedule of events for Phuket Vegetarian Festival
  2- First STV arrivals due next week from China   3- Two arrested over royal motorcade through protest MORE: Fallout after two days of protests MORE: Cabinets confirms possible curfew if rally ’escalates’
  4- Four new Covid-19 cases in Thailand on Friday

Occupy Bangkok begins? Phuket hostage drama! || October 15
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PHUKET XTRA - October 15 || Brought to you by Protesters occupy major Bangkok intersection|:| Six guilty over ’pretty’ party death |:| Kata Hill road damaged |:| Phuket hostage drama |:| 13 new Covid-19 cases in Thailand today. Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Emergency declared in BKK, as protests banned
MORE: More rally leaders among 20 protesters arrested
MORE: Demonstrators unaware of approaching royal motorcade
  2- Six people guilty over death of ’pretty’ Lunlabelle
  3- Hostage drama over Phuket drugs arrest ends peacefully
  4- Kata Hill road dangerously damaged by heavy rains
  5- 13 new Covid-19 cases in Thailand today



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