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Bikram's Final Seminar

Post when: Jun 27 2014 13:07:46 on: Watch our latest features


Bikram Choudhury is the founder of Bikram Yoga. He's rich, he's famous, he's controversial, he's here. Kirsty Meyer had an exclusive audience with him.

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Aussie stabbed 12 times! Promthep Cape wildfire! Maya Bay closed ’indefinitely’? || April 19
Post when: Apr 19 2019 18:01:07 on:

PHUKET XTRA - April 19 Aussie stabbed 12 times protecting woman |:| Promthep Cape wildfire contained |:| Maya Bay closure 'indefinite' |:| Patong Police: No road rage |:| Fears of a duty-free monopoly Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Wildfire contained at Promthep Cape
  2- Australian stabbed 12 times trying to protect Thai woman
  3- Maya Bay closure 'indefinite'
  4- Patong Police call for calm after foreigner outburst over motorbike crash goes viral
  5- Fears of a monopoly in duty-free ruling

Cobra eggs missing! Arrest in Phi Phi rape case! Worst Songkran road record? || April 18
Post when: Apr 18 2019 17:27:40 on:

PHUKET XTRA - April 18 King cobra caught, 30 eggs missing! |:| Manhunt for American over 'seastead' fiasco |:| Suspect caught over Phi Phi rape |:| Worst Songkran in Phuket in years |:| 8-year-old honoured for cleaning Patong canal! Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Manhunt launched for American over 'seastead' fiasco
2- Suspect arrested after British tourist raped on Koh Phi Phi
  3- Boy, 14, killed as Phuket suffers worst Songkran road safety record in years
  4- King Cobra female caught in Patong, 30 eggs missing from nest
  5- 8-year-old honoured as model citizen for cleaning Patong canal

Fatal zipline fall! B60Mn up in Patong smoke? Doggie paddling miracle! || April 17
Post when: Apr 17 2019 13:07:19 on:

PHUKET XTRA - April 17 Dog paddles to safety in the sea! |:| Major problems with seasted off Phuket? |:| B60Mn in damages after Patong fire |:| Fatal zipline fall! |:| Gang brawl at hospital Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Major problems with seasted off Phuket?
MORE: https://www.thephuketnews.com/navy-takes-action-on-seastead-off-phuket-71099.php#iw88QYdqBU0tMyxs.97
  2- B60Mn in damages after Patong fire
MORE: http://th.thephuketnews.com/fire-in-patong-amid-songkran-celebrations-71088.php#Ee5SgW6eusVUvMbk.97
  3- Chiang Mai's fatal zipline accident
  4-Gang brawl continues outside hospital emergency room
  5- Songkran miracle: Dog paddles it's way, 220km from land

Everything you need to know about Songkran in Phuket! Sand pagodas and more! || April 12
Post when: Apr 12 2019 18:18:58 on:

PHUKET XTRA - April 12 All you need to know for a Phuket Songkran! - What's closed, what's open, police out in force, airport ready |:| MORE doubt over election |:| Patong Beach sand pagodas! Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket Everything you need to know for Songkran in Phuket
  What's closed, what's open for Songkran: http://th.thephuketnews.com/phuket-shuts-down-for-songkran-long-weekend-71067.php#xISugKCYPH8VExh7.97
  Phuket police get tough on drunk drivers: http://th.thephuketnews.com/phuket-police-get-tough-on-drunk-drivers-71073.php#66ejB8OkXQa6ETVR.97
  Phuket airport ready for Songkran push: http://th.thephuketnews.com/phuket-airport-readies-for-songkran-rush-71068.php#AXm6rKl81ha3kYvG.97
  2- Election Commission asks Constitutional Court about their own vote-count
  3- Patong Beach sand pagodas!

Fatal BKK mall fire! Baby elephant benched? Chicken casualties in crash! || April 11
Post when: Apr 11 2019 17:31:52 on:

PHUKET XTRA - April 11 Fatal Bangkok mall fire|:| Phuket Zoo baby elephant sidelined |:| Two hurt in sidecar crash |:| Crackdown on lurid Songkran images |:| Foundation chairman defiant after marijuana raid Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Phuket Zoo to bench baby elephant over health issues
  2- Two seriously injured by overtaking sidecar
  3- Two dead in fire at Bangkok's CentralWorld shopping mall
  4- Crackdown on lurid images during Songkran
  5- Foundation chairman: 'Moral act' to give cannabis oil extracts to patients

4th Phuket Hospitality Golf Challenge!
Post when: Apr 11 2019 15:19:36 on:

Birdies, banter, and big shots. It's the
4th Phuket Hospitality Golf Challenge at the Laguna Golf Club Phuket - all for a great cause!



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