Heroines Monument underpass! Miss Universe Thailand 2022 crowned, Power tariff halted || August 2

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PHUKET XTRA - August 2 || Brought to you by @PVC Phuket 

Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket #PhuketNews #Thailand

1- B2.3bn Heroines Monument underpass announced
2- Nok Air cites safety for slow evacuation of passengers
3- Proposed power tariff hike ditched
4- Miss Universe Thailand 2022 crowned!

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Phuket land corruption probe going nowhere, Road improvements, Club fire deaths climb || August 11
Post when: Aug 11 2022 19:27:57 on:

PHUKET XTRA - August 11 || Brought to you by @PVC Phuket || Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket #PhuketNews #Thailand 1- Pla Wan Corner road safety project to begin   2- Nightclub fire deaths rise to 16   3- Phuket mangrove land corruption probe falters   4- Ousted Sri Lankan leader to visit city   5- Mother’s Day in Thailand on August 12th

Questions over Premier’s tenure? Driver’s licence renewals, Brit revived in Phuket || August 10
Post when: Aug 10 2022 18:26:01 on:

PHUKET XTRA - August 10 || Brought to you by @PVC Phuket  Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket #PhuketNews #Thailand 1- Driver’s licence renewals now on Saturdays   2- Prawit backs Premier to keep job   3- Central bank hikes rate for first time since 2018 to tame inflation   4- Brit brought back to life on Patong beach road  

9-year-old boy shoots cousin, 7, during Phuket housewarming, COVID to be downgraded || August 9
Post when: Aug 09 2022 17:37:48 on:

PHUKET XTRA - August 9 || Brought to you by @PVC Phuket Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket #PhuketNews #Thailand 1- Boy accidentally shoots girl, 7, dead at Phuket housewarming   2- Deadly blaze pub owner gets bail   3- COVID-19 threat to be downgraded   4- Phuket International Surfing Competition receives ASC Sanctioning   5- Govt ’ready’ to repatriate Ramai from Myanmar  

Nightlife venues in tourism zones allowed to open to 4am? Mountain B owner confesses || August 8
Post when: Aug 08 2022 17:32:08 on:

PHUKET XTRA - August 8 || Brought to you by @PVC Phuket  Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket #PhuketNews #Thailand 1- Shooting nightclub closed 30 days   2- Opening hours for entertainment venues to be revised   3- Mountain B owner offers full confession MORE: 83 Bangkok pubs shuttered over safety concerns MORE: Inferno pub illegally built, operated   4- Lucky licence plate auction nets B25mn  

Nightclub fire claims lives, Joe Ferrari drops appeal, Thailand CBDC test || August 5
Post when: Aug 05 2022 17:53:58 on:

PHUKET XTRA - August 5 || Brought to you by @PVC Phuket  Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket #PhuketNews #Thailand 1- Fire at Chon Buri pub kills 13, injures 40   2- No appeal for ‘Joe Ferrari’   3- Hunger striking democracy activists freed on bail   4- Central bank to test retail digital currency late this year  

Phuket coastal erosion, Deep Southern ’ceasefire’ proposed || August 4
Post when: Aug 04 2022 18:19:35 on:

PHUKET XTRA - August 4 || Brought to you by @PVC Phuket  Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket #PhuketNews #Thailand 1- German man’s girlfriend tests negative for monkeypox   2- Phuket officials target coastal erosion   3- Prosecutors charge six suspects over Tangmo’s death   4- 108-day ’ceasefire’ proposed  



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