Bus Crash, Patong Hill, Nov 9

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Another bus crash, this time careering off the side of the road into a ditch. There had been rain in the hour before. Many Chinese tourists injured. Tim Newton reporting from the scene.

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Vendor stabs tourist ! Khao San revamp? Pad Thai photo opp.! || July 20
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PHUKET XTRA - July 22 || brought to you by PVCPhuket.com Revamp of Khao San Road |:| Tourist stabbed by roti vendor |:| Bodies of missing tourists found |:| Probe sparked by insurgent drama |:| Smiles, hygiene and Pad Thai Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Bodies of missing Filipino tourists found
  2- Egyptian tourist slashed with cleaver on Phuket's Muay Thai street
  3- Revamp of Khao San road
  4- Insurgent custody drama sparks probe
  5- Phuket Pad Thai hygiene goes on show

Medical marijuana tourism? Dead bride made up! Dog attacker arrested? || July 19
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PHUKET XTRA - July 19 || brought to you by PVCPhuket.com Body found in search for tourists |:| Praewa family to sell land for compensation |:| Medical marijuana tourism? |:| Dead bride gets made up |:| Brit arrested for dog attack Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Brit expat behind bars for attacking Phuket dog   2- Body believed to be missing Filipino found   3- Praewa's family to sell land to compensate victims of horror crash   4- Medical marijuana tourism in Thailand?   5- Dead bride gets made up

Teen caught pimping? Patong fire! Tourists lost in surf! || July 18
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PHUKET XTRA - July 18 || brought to you by PVCPhuket.com Patong fire destroys 12 shops |:| Victims of horror crash still hurting |:| Search for tourists lost in surf |:| Light pole update |:| Teen madam arrested for pimping Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Patong fire destroys 12 shops, causes over B1Mn in damage
  2- Police assure quick repairs to lethal light pole will not affect investigation
  3-  Search launched for Filipino tourists lost in dangerous surf
  4- Alleged teen madam arrested for prostituting younger girls
  5- Victims of horror crash still seeking compensation

Python caught feasting! Dog beaten? 5 more international airports? || July 17
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PHUKET XTRA - July 17 || brought to you by PVCPhuket.com Phuket python caught feasting |:| Dog beating |:| FDA denies cannabis oil 'delay' |:| Roadside bomb in deep south |:| 5 more international airports? Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Police begin hunt for foreign man over dog attack
  2- Phuket python caught feasting on Rawai chickens
  3- FDA denies 'delaying' pot oil approval
  4- Roadside bomb severely injures 3 rangers
  5- Thailand seeks endorsement for 5 international airports

Fishing for dolphins? Weather, surf warning! Politico funding drug gang? || July 16
Post when: Jul 16 2019 18:05:59 on:

PHUKET XTRA - July 16 || brought to you by PVCPhuket.com Dolphin vid sparks ire! |:| Politico suspected of funding drug gang |:| Surf, weather warning issued |:| Assurances after electrocution |:| Temporary lifeguards on hold Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Surin Beach's temporary lifeguards on hold until further notice
  2- Phuket surf warning issues as storm conditions rise
MORE: Storm weather warning issued for Phuket   3- After student killed, officials assure public park areas are safe
  4- Southern politician suspected of funding drug gang
  5- Dolphin 'catch' vid sparks ire

Park electrocution! Pilot praised for sacrifice! Human skeletons found? || July 15
Post when: Jul 15 2019 18:26:20 on:

PHUKET XTRA - July 15 || brought to you by PVCPhuket.com Fatally electrocuted in public park |:| Pilot praised for sacrifice |:| Human skeletons found |:| Tougher rules for big bikes |:| Gov. appeals to landowners |:| Rawai ammonia-leak update! Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Student killed by electrocution in Phuket public park under investigation
  2- Governor appeals to landowners to sell, to let u-turn construction begin
  3- Ammonia-leak area of Phuket ice factory shut down by order
  4- Human skeleton found near housing estate in central Phuket
  5- Powerful motorcycles to face tougher regulations
  6- Pilot praised for sacrificing life



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