Baby dies on Facebook Live, Patong closures, Michelin Guide Thailand || April 25

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PHUKET XTRA - April 25

Father hangs baby girl then himself on Facebook Live! Noodle vendor returns over B1 million, Bangla Road closures continue, Michelin Guide comes to Kingdom, & Thailand buys Chinese submarine and plans for weapons factory.

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New Tiger Park backlash! Stepson charged over stepdad murder? || January 20
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PHUKET XTRA - January 20 || brought to you by Backlash over new Tiger Park in Chalong |:| Phang Nga turtle eggs begin hatching |:| Man arrested for Phuket rape |:| Draft EV roadmap coming |:| Stepson charged with knife murder of stepdad Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- New Tiger Park to open in Chalong already challenged on 'ethical confinement'
  2- Kuwaiti man arrested in Bangkok for rape of Danish woman in Phuket
  3- Draft EV roadmap coming
  4-  Man, 19, charged with knife murder of stepfather amid hammer-throwing argument
  5- Phang Nga turtle eggs begin hatching

Bridge to Koh Samui? Tip leads to skeleton discovery! Drone licences? || January 17
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PHUKET XTRA - January 17 || brought to you by Tip leads to skeleton discovery |:| Phuket doesn't have 'enough waster for 2020' |:| Health chief issued advisory over air quality |:| Drone licences |:| Bridge to Koh Samui Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket Susanne Ultmann, well known across the island for her work with the Baan Rim Pa group and the Phuket Has Been Good To Us charity foundation, is personally calling for donations of O-negative blood. If you can help, Sue is calling for you to go to the Red Cross to donate. IMPORTANT!
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Susanne Ultmann
Siroj Hospital. Previously Hospital International. 1-  'Not enough water for 2020,' says Phuket water chief
  2- Phuket health chief issues advisory over haze, air quality
  3- Tip leads to skeleton discovery
  4- Commercial drone flyers need to have licences from this year
  5- Prayut quashes call for 'Chan-o-cha bridge' to Koh Samui

Cop shoots robber dead! Mother of dumped foetus found! Millions to fix water woes? || January 16
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PHUKET XTRA - January 16 || brought to you by Cop shoots robber dead |:| Phuket gets B400Mn for water woes |:| Tourist nanny drowns near kid |:| Pharmacies told to have QR codes for drugs |:| Mother of dumped foetus now recovering Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Mother of foetus dumped in front of Rawai house found, now recovering in hospital
  2- Cop shoots dead robber during knife attack in Phuket Town
  3- Phuket PWA recived B406.9mn for projects to solve water problems
  4- Chinese tourist drowns in Phuket villa swimming pool as child looks on
  5- Pharmacies told to display QR codes for medicines

Sentences upheld for teen rapists! Student champs in World Math Olympiad! || January 15
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PHUKET XTRA - January 15 || brought to you by Student champs in World Math Olympiad! |:| Man arrested for violent robberies |:| Teen rape sentences upheld |:| Baht's moves dodge US watch list |:| Vendors allowed back on BKK streets! Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Student, 24, arrested for robberies, holding knife to hold 10-year-old girl's throught
  2- Teen rape sentences upheld
  3- Baht's moves dodge US watch list
  4- BMA lets vendors back on the streets
  5- Krabi students win at World Math Olympiad

Stuck jumper rescued! Uncle, nephew caught with 120kg of marijuana? || January 14
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PHUKET XTRA - January 14 || brought to you by Base jumper rescued! |:| Uncle, nephew caught with 120k of weed |:| Infected tourist recovering |:| Army chiefs to sign security pact |:| More death in far south insurgency Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Uncle, nephew arrested while loading 120kg of marijuana into tuk-tuk in Phuket Town
  2- Base jumper left dangling on Phattalung cliff face
  3- Virus-infected Chinese tourist being treated in Thailand
  4- Army chief in Aceh to sign security cooperation pact
  5- Volunteer killed 7 others hurt in Narathiwat attack

Murderous taxi drivers? Cockfight sees 60 arrested! Rival rallies sees thousands! || January 13
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PHUKET XTRA - January 13 || brought to you by Cockfight sees 60 arrested |:| Killer 'may be former military' |:| Thousands join rival rallies |:| Tackling motorcade traffic |:| Phuket taxi drivers charged with attempted murder! Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket 1- Phuket taxi drivers charged with attempted murder over Freedom Beach hit & run, alleged attempted shooting
  2- Thousands join rival rallies
  3- Killer 'may be former military'
  4- Bid to reduce traffic during motorcades
  5- 60 gamblers arrested Phuket cockfight



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