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TRANSPOOSION: Canadian’s life saved

There are very few things in the world that can be solved by injecting yourself with someone else’s poo. One of them, however, appears to be life-threatening illness.

Tuesday 24 April 2012, 04:32PM

When death was knocking on the door of a 66-year-old man from Albert Bridge, Nova Scotia, he took drastic measures to save his own life – with a self-injected faecal transplant.

The poop-injecting patient suffered from a bacterial infection known as Clostridium difficile since undergoing routine surgery 18 months ago, according to the Chronicle Herald.

The man, who spoke to the paper on the condition of anonymity, said he was so frustrated and ill that he decided to get rid of the infection once and for all by giving himself an enema last Friday (April 6) using faeces belonging to his cousin.

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“It’s a nasty topic to discuss, but faecal transplants work, and I was not ready to wait any longer,” the man told the paper.

Want to know how he did it? Basically, he mixed the stool with water and flushed it into his nether regions using an enema.

His doctor, Baroudi Fashir, was originally set to perform the procedure, but, despite it being approved by the hospital, there were no set guidelines for it so it could not go ahead.



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