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Phuket: The technology of seduction

With innovation comes practicality, and as times change so too does our way of communicating. Social dating apps have been around for as long as Facebook, but it's only within the last two years that new services have begun to develop.

By Jean-Pierre Mestanza

Tuesday 3 June 2014, 09:55AM

Here are several dating apps poised to take over the art of seduction.


While it's more of a messenger app than a dating one, BeeTalk can easily takeover this market with their mix of useful features that are currently popular in other apps.

BeeTalk text messages and photos can disappear just like with Snapchat. In addition, BeeTalk also lets users scroll through photos of other users who are in the surrounding area to initiate communication – much like the dating app Tinder. The ability to do both of these functions will eventually become the norm, but since BeeTalk is currently one of the only apps that combines the two means it’s just a matter of time before it takes over Thailand. Especially since the app is very 'sticker' heavy.



While you can easily keep in touch with family and friends via Facebook, Avalable is trying to do the same thing for singles.

Based in Thailand, the app recently added 15 languages and works with GPS technology for location-based matching. In addition, Avalable also features horoscope-based matching and has social games with chatting – a bit more interactive than the usual text messaging “game”.




Created by students from Thailand’s King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, HanksterClub is both a dating app and service that goes far beyond simple text messages.

The service plays on the conservative and shy sensibilities of a segment of the population by helping users meet new people in a group-date setting. One person in a group registers via their Facebook account, invites their same-sex friends, and each group member answers simple questions about themselves (from nightlife preferences to favourite foods and preferred drinks).

The group (about two to three people at a time) are then matched to a group of the opposite sex based on these preferences. While it is unique, each user has to fork over B500 per match, though the price does include a restaurant reservation, welcome drinks, and the matchmaking fee.



Most of the users of the gay dating app Moovz come from the Philippines, but it has quietly become popular in Thailand since its launch back in October. Instead of focusing on text messages and a scroll through feature, Moovz stands out with an emphasis on videos and live webcam chats.

The app, which uses GPS technology for location-based communication, is poised for a big year after angel investors pumped US$2.4 million (B78 million) into the venture.   

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