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The show goes on

PHUKET: The ‘Genesis – The Magic Spectacular’ show, housed in the new Danze Fantasy theatre on Bangla Rd in Patong, is now home to two talented entertainers: Swedish illusionist Joe Labero and Italian/American juggler Romano Frediani.

Friday 27 January 2012, 10:43AM

Frediani also has his own show titled Balls, where he juggles everything in sight – from hoops to square boxes, to glow in the dark objects.

Labero has been a professional performer for around 20 years, having received his first magic box set at the age of 12. His skills finely honed, we watch as he turns an ordinary B20 note into a B1,000 right in front of my eyes.

It’s this mix of sheer astonishment and anticipation that Genesis audiences are currently lapping up, particularly when it comes to his famous trick involving slicing a lady in half.

In his show, Labero manages to ‘chop’ his assistant into nine pieces, though his most dangerous illusion is the ‘Table Of Death’, where he attempts to escape before 60 steel spikes impale him on stage.

Asked if he’ll ever reveal his secrets, in the manner of the ‘Masked Magician’ in TV show, Breaking the Magician’s Code, Labero says, “It doesn’t matter how it’s done, just sit back and be mystified.”

Meanwhile international juggler and performer Romano Frediani doesn’t have any secrets – instead saying hard work and lots of practice, plus talent, are the tricks to being able to juggle professionally.

He should know – remarkably, Frediani is an 8th generation circus performer, whose ancestors first began performing in circuses in Italy in 1749. He learned the art of juggling from his father, who was once the world’s fastest. As you’d expect, Frediani first began juggling at the tender age of three.

But it’s not just the skills that are important, to draw the crowds there also has to be a show.“Once you’ve got the juggling down, you’ve got to be a performer, and make it exciting.”

–Claire Connell

 For more information or bookings call 076-342-858 or visit danzefantasy.com. Genesis tickets are B1,500 (adult), B1,300 (child) and B3,300 (VIP); ‘Balls’ tickets are B900 (adult) and B700 (child).

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