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The power of crystal in Phuket

PHUKET: Some see them as pretty stones, others appreciate crystals as interesting gems but a growing number of people respect crystals as unique sources of great healing power.

By Kerrily Jennings

Monday 28 October 2013, 05:13PM

Practiced over the centuries by ancient Chinese, Hawaiians and Hopi Indians, Crystal Healing is becoming more widely known and practiced across the world.

Phuket is fortunate to have in our community a lady who has extensive experience with Crystal Healing, amongst other Healing Arts, and is ever passionate about sharing her knowledge.

Dorinda Roseberry understands the unique qualities and resonance of crystals, a relationship similar to that of an old friend - knows their quirks, their strengths and weaknesses. Through many years of association with these “old friends” Dorinda is able to skillfully apply their individual powers for healing, energizing and creating harmony.

On November 6 there will be a unique opportunity to learn with Dorinda in the Crystal Healing Workshop. For more information about this and other workshops please contact Kez at, call 084 946 2171 or visit 

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