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The integral part of 'thinking' to your health

PHUKET: Hi and welcome to Part Three: Think! The third and final step on how to feel super in just three easy steps.

Thursday 18 July 2013, 04:23PM

Ron with his dog and 'exceptional training companion'.

Ron with his dog and 'exceptional training companion'.

How did you go with the Moving part? Did you add a few of the simple easy tips to your workouts?

I know it almost sounds ridiculous and too good to true with such simple relatively easy and common sense actions and steps – I was also very skeptical and believed that in order to be fit and healthy you must train at least three hours a day and it must always hurt and you must eat only healthy, relatively bland foods and rest and recover.

Fortunately now much more is known about better training techniques. In fact, it has now almost gone the other way with many believing the ridiculous promises that you can be super fit and healthy just by exercising for ten minutes a week and plugging yourself into an electronic gadget to get a six pack.

So hopefully in this final article you will find some really easy and useful tips for how to train smart and ‘train with your brain’.

This part is so underrated and often completely ignored. Often the thinking part never really comes into play until it really has to. For example I have had many clients come to me who trained really hard and long and did the right thing with nutrition but still made only relatively small progress over a period of years with and without good trainers.

It was then I discovered the vital missing ‘ingredient’ for them - the most powerful tool you have at your disposal right now and any time – all champions use this and all super successful business giants too. Some try to make it a big ‘secret’ or long process but the simple truth is you must have absolute clear and total belief in your expected outcome – if you don’t you will simply not achieve your outcome.

You have absolute and total control over what you choose to think; it is your thoughts that create your result, your outcome and your life experience

Quoting Napolean Hill (Think and grow Rich), “What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

The key here is your level of belief. So for example if you are going to the gym and you workout with the belief you can achieve your – albeit vague and not well defined – desired result, it will come as no surprise to you that that is exactly what you will get – a vague and not well defined result and outcome.

So in terms of ‘Feeling Super’ you must have a very clear vision of your specific outcome and result, you must know exactly what this is, how it feels, what it looks like and how good you feel when you have achieved it.

Of course this varies hugely from person to person and depending on your current ‘state’, it may take longer to actually happen, but one thing that is common to us all is that it begins with a thought and then becomes a feeling which drives you to take action and give you the end result.

It is sometimes easier to compare this to the cycle of a butterfly life. It starts with an egg, then larvae, cocoon and finally leads to taking flight.

These four steps are similar to the process from thought to manifestation (thought representing the egg stage and the manifestation the actual realisation of your result and sharing your gift with the rest of the world).

In terms of your physical process and wellbeing it is very important that you first have a very clear committed and focused thought on your result outcome and goal. Don’t worry about the actual time just a very clear picture and vision of your desired result outcome and goal.

So that is the first and most important exercise for you to do and complete and have this very clearly ‘imprinted‘ in you. The more detailed and focused this is, the quicker and easier you will get your result.

In order for you to succeed in your final goal and ‘take flight’ you must have this thought very clearly in place, ideally all the time in some shape or form (so it becomes an automatic habit and thought).

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So, how do you know what stage you are at right now? Well this too is relatively easy as I mentioned there are really only four main stages from the initial thought to the final result.

Bear in mind there is really no such thing as a final result. You will continue to grow, evolve and change at every stage but in terms of finding out what stage you are at just do at least a weekly what I call a ‘Stock take check’.

1. Your initial thought concept idea: How well defined is it? Are you thinking about this clearly at least once a day (upon rising and just before going to bed is best and for at least 90 seconds). The check point here is are you doing it and how good do you feel when you think about this.

2. The physical action stage is all about committing to taking action, consistently. How much and how often are you training? Keep a diary that can be easily measured and checked by you or an exercise buddy.

3. The development stage; now you are beginning to notice changes physically, emotionally and mentally that have become a habit. Again this is easily measured by keeping a diary - of course you can feel this change too.

4. The ‘final’ stage ie taking flight can be very daunting and beyond belief. Many people actually stick here and never take flight. You may start getting doubts or excuses as you get closer to your ‘ultimate goal’ again this is easily measured and progressed and linked directly to the very first stage.

Have a look back at when you started and where you are now. How much stronger, faster and more flexible are you now? Know your check points and again check them at least weekly. The final stage in exercise is measured by your ultimate end result and as previously mentioned this is not really the end but a whole new beginning. Now you are able to do, enjoy and share so many other things you could not before and probably never thought you could before.

Again the key is thought and belief here – so train with your brain. This is only a very quick overview on how to monitor the four stages and of course this varies wildly and is totally unique to the individual so it is up to you to take these steps and have the awareness and commit to consistently take the actions.

I do suggest at the very least to keep a diary and do the 90 seconds upon rising and going to bed routines. And to come back to “Train with your Brain” make sure you have a very clear and powerful thought (ie your desired end result) before you do your workout and make sure you keep this thought and dialogue running in your mind, especially whilst you are training.

The bottom line and simple truth is it all starts with your thoughts. So be very aware of this and use this super powerful tool to help you get to your ‘health result’ and continue to get better.

One final quick fun and easy tip to keep this thought clear and active is to use a sticky note or better still a laminated note and picture of your thought and end result and keep it somewhere where you will see it every day to inspire and motivate yourself.

So by combining Eat, Move and Think with these easy to follow tips and actions you will very quickly begin to notice results and feel better. Lets face it this is all common sense really and by working together you always get a better result. I really invite you to just try it, really just do it!

Just try this last part and apply the ‘Think’ part before you go to your next workout and notice how powerful this easy technique is. Enjoy and have fun with this because that is actually the most important part to enjoy and feel better so you can share this with others too.

Ron Veldhuis is a workplace trainer and motivator, a peak performance coach and an expedition leader. Contact him at ronveldhuis@live.com.

The opinions and advice contained in this column are those of the author only. The Phuket News is not responsible for the outcome or results of following any advice in any situation. 

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