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The going gets turf

Thursday 9 February 2012, 02:25PM

Grass thongs: A walk in the park. –Photo by

Grass thongs: A walk in the park. –Photo by

Footwear sales are a walk in the park for an Australian company who have launched a new pair of flip flops made of fake grass.

The unusual footwear, created by KUSA, features fake turf stitched into the soles so owners get the same sensation as strolling barefoot on a freshly mowed (plastic) lawn.

The company’s website shows sun seekers walking along the beach in the grass slippers which occasionally need to be fluffed for added comfort.

The bizarre footwear seems to have been a hit with customers across the globe, appearing on various trendsetting and fashion websites.

Customers have been advised not to mow the grass to avoid damaging the product.
The KUSA flip-flops are currently available online
from around B1,000.



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