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The Big List: Doggie drama

There's always trouble lurking around the corner, just ask mans's best friend. Whether playing the hero, villain or just plain unlucky, a dog's life is never boring.

By Jean-Pierre Mestanza

Thursday 29 May 2014, 10:04AM

That's a wrap

Last week, an expat woman and her two children were out walking their four dogs in a country park in Hong Kong. Out of nowhere, a 5m-long python attacked one of the the dogs and ended up killing the 28kg pooch right in front of the family. Two weeks earlier, a python had attacked a different dog in the same park, though its owner stabbed the snake with a pocket knife and managed to save the canine.

Piper's head

In 2006, animal control officers in Fort Worth, Texas were called to a construction site. A dog had been chasing a small animal and had gotten its head stuck inside a 1.2m long pipe. Somehow the canine was able to put its head through the 15cm hole at one end of the pipe. Police were later called and used whole bottle of oil to help the dog slip its neck right out. The dog made a full recovery and was later dubbed “Piper”. (video online)

The hero cat


Just two weeks ago, a California man uploaded a video onto YouTube of his pet cat saving the life of his four-year-old son. The boy was attacked by the neighbour's dog, with its jaws locked onto his calf. Within seconds, the cat hurled itself into the air, forcing the dog to let go of the boy. The cat then chased the dog away before returning to check on the boy. The four-year-old received several stitches on his leg, but is safe. (video online)

Turbo charge

Last week, three coyotes attacked a small dog, named Little Pepe, that was sitting in the backyard of its owners home in Canada. That's when the dog's friend, a three-year-old German shepherd named Turbo, came to his rescue and fought them off. Even though Little Pepe's life was saved, he required three hours of surgery and 37 stitches. Among his injuries were 24 puncture wounds, a bulging eye, and an ear that was dangling by a flap of skin.

Paws before cars

In 2008, two dogs were walking along a highway in Chile when one of them was hit by a car. The dog's companion risked life and limb when it began to cross the highway to reach the injured pooch. The healthy dog began to use its paws to pull his pal onto the side of the road, all while avoiding speeding vehicles. A group of construction workers finally saw the two canines and were able to rescue them. Both dogs made a full recovery and TV stations all over the world displayed CCTV footage of the entire scene. (video online)

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