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Teen saves fish from floodwaters

There was something fishy about the floodwaters in northern Ohio last week, so 16-year-old American Jake Sawyer decided to take a look.

By The Phuket News

Thursday 29 May 2014, 10:03AM

After wading into the waters that were rising outside his home, he eventually spotted and trapped an 18kg carp swimming in the ankle-deep floodwaters.

With his mother capturing the whole thing on video, Sawyer was able to place the large fish back into a nearby pond.

“I just slowly put my hand on it, and then once it got comfortable with me, I just kind of bear-hugged it and lifted it up,” he said.

The video shows Sawyer chasing after the fish with a towel, but then quickly attempts to grab it with his hands. He told reporters that the fish must have slipped out of the pond when the floodwaters rose and did not want to see it die in the street.

“I think our only option was to put it in the pond,” he said, “I mean, I could've put it in my pool, but it would have died.”



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