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Surf’s up: Thai star hits the waves as word spreads on Phuket’s surfing scene

SURFING: Hey surfers, hope you’ve been scoring some fun waves and embracing every chance to paddle out.

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Tim Campbell

Friday 28 July 2017, 12:00PM

Natthaweeranuch “Ja” Thongmee, a well known Thai TV and movie celebrity flew down to Phuket for a surf session with ‘Surf Thailand’ and ‘Skyla’s Surf & SUP Club’. Photo: Tim Campbell
Natthaweeranuch “Ja” Thongmee, a well known Thai TV and movie celebrity flew down to Phuket for a surf session with ‘Surf Thailand’ and ‘Skyla’s Surf & SUP Club’. Photo: Tim Campbell

Word must be getting around that surfing is the thing to do.

As I mentioned in my last article, surfing has become, in recent times, more of a known sport here in Thailand especially amongst the Thai’s, and this week, Natthaweeranuch “Ja” Thongmee, a well known Thai TV and movie celebrity flew down to Phuket for a surf session with ‘Surf Thailand’ and ‘Skyla’s Surf & SUP Club’ as she was egger to try it out.

But now moving on, we are now in the middle of Phuket’s surf season and we still haven’t seen any huge swells hit the Andaman coast especially when compared to last year, but last week after some heavy rain and strong winds the sky cleared up radiating some high season sunshine and turning the ocean glassy clean.

Two of those days in particular we saw head height waves peeling perfectly, and as the tide changed the offshore wind allowed the lip to curl, opening up the wave and putting the green room on show. From tiredness I couldn’t move my arms by the end of the second day as I surfed till dark with many others. These are the days we long for.

We are now also moving into the time where we see what Phuket surfers are made of as at least four surf competitions have been announced for this year already on Phuket, in Khok Kloi and Khao Lak.

The first of the year is at Kata Beach this weekend (July 29 -30).

Kata Beach hasn’t seen a surf contest in a couple of years, not since it was a competition stop on the Asian Surfing Circuit, but it has consistent waves as it faces directly South West where most of Phuket’s swell comes from.

As far as atmosphere goes, well, Kata is Thailand’s commercial surfing beach and on any given day in surf season you can find the water littered with surfers of all abilities as well as their friends and family cheering them on from the shore.

So needless to say, this competition coming to Kata Beach will be one not to be missed. Amazing prizes are on offer for those who are game to enter, but for those who just enjoy spectating and soaking up the action then you won’t be disappointed.

For more information and how to register contact Facebook: Kata Krew.

There is also a friendly surf event aimed at allowing beginner surfers to have some fun surfing together tomorrow (July 29) at the Akyra Beach Club on Natai Beach in Khok Kloi.


For more information on this event you can check out Facebook: Phuket Surfer Girls.

As the number of surfers increase in our waters making sure we surf safely is extra important. In some situations you can’t help how you get wiped out by the wave. But most times you can avoid hurting yourself and others by following these steps:

  1. Jump away from your board so it won’t hit yo, and jump as if you are jumping into shallow water by not fully extending yourself.

  2. Try and go bum first, minimising the chance of hitting the bottom. NEVER go head first!

  3. Cover your head as you hit the water and don’t come to the surface too quickly as you might hit your board on the way up.

  4. When on the surface, re-gather your board quickly so it’s not flopping around. You can do this by pulling on your leash, bringing the board close to you.

  5. Most importantly, stay calm and relax.

Wiping out is a part of surfing, but practising and using these tips will allow you to be a lot safer.

Tim’s Tip: Keep your eyes forward when on the wave, this will help with your balance and keep you standing up longer.

Enjoy your weekend and see you in the water!

For more information on Phuket surfing and SUP please visit here.



The Phuket News
The Phuket News
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