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Super Six Season 02 Round-Up

Super Six Season 02 Round-Up

Presenting a round-up of the Super Six season 02, including winners, promotions and introduction to the Super Six League season 03.

Tuesday 31 July 2012, 12:19PM

Division 1 Champions: Rugantino

It all came to a dramatic end in the 1st division, as Rugantino leap-frogged Joy Dive in the very last game of the season. Joy Dive were table toppers for most of the season, but had to see themselves drop to a very respectable silver spot. Also a fine effort by Shakers FC, who put the two top teams under pressure for the entire season.

*Two new teams are promoted to 1st division which is expanded from 6 to 8 teams.


Division 2 Winners: Sweet Lemon

Congratulations to Sweet Lemon FC, who dominated the 2nd division to the extent of winning by 8 points clear! Also congratulations to The Hulk, who climbed up the table to finally clinch 2nd spot, and promotion into the 1st division.

*Two new teams are promoted to 1st division: Sweet Lemon FC & The Hulk

Division 1 End

1 Ristorante Rugantino 10 22
2 Joy Dive FC 10 20
3 Shakers FC 10 17
4 Morning Star 10 10
5 Pita Bar Phuketeers 10 9
6 Nanai Boys 10 6


Division 2 End

1 Sweet Lemon FC 14 34
2 The Hulk 14 26
3 PSU Alumni FC 14 25
4 Sabilillah 14 22
5 Babynoname 14 20
6 Eden FC 14 15
7 The Lounge 14 14
8 Phuket Serenity Villas 14 7


Season 03

Season 03 of the Super Six League is scheduled to start already August 07/08! There will be 8 teams in each division this season, 16 teams total. 1st division games will be played on Wednesdays, while 2nd division games will be played on Tuesdays.


Division 1 Teams

  • Joy Dive FC
  • Morning Star
  • Nanai Boys
  • Pita Bar Phuketeers
  • Ristorante Rugantino
  • Shakers FC
  • Sweet Lemon FC
  • The Hulk

Division 2 Teams

  • Eden FC
  • Babynoname
  • Phuket Serenity Villas
  • PSU Alumni FC
  • Sabilillah
  • Thai Nee FC (new)
  • The Lounge
  • Aladdin Fans

*Currently awaiting confirmation from several teams.



Division 1: Steve Johnston
Division 2: Don


For more information, visit http://phuketfootball.com

Season 03 will be covered in the press (newspaper + radio) by The Phuket News.


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