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Success for Phuket's Dylan Young

PHUKET: Despite not having driven a race car in competition for five months, Phuket’s Dylan Young performed superbly in the JK Racing Asia Series event in Singapore last weekend under the watchful eyes of Formula One bosses and drivers alike.

Friday 30 September 2011, 11:22AM

Until last weekend, Young, 22, had been unable to raise sufficient funds to race again after competing in Malaysia in April.

Despite a few setbacks, he emerged from his two races with a creditable eighth in race one and sixth in race two to complete a great weekend that could have positive repercussions for his dreams of racing in Formula One.

It was great to be back in the car,” Young told The Phuket News.

This is what all the hard work leads to and allows you to go out and do what you do best, which is driving a car on the limit.

I actually got back into the rhythm and on the pace a lot quicker than we anticipated. You never forget how to drive, but these cars are seriously quick and usually it takes you a few laps to get your eye in, but I was comfortable pretty quickly.

I was pleased with the way we managed the starts and were aggressive without being stupid on a track like this.

I managed to get through quite a few drivers cleanly, which is important here, and at the end of the day I was just happy that I scored solid points and came home ahead of some highly rated drivers.”

In qualifying, Young managed to exceed all expectations and finish fifth fastest.

I couldn’t really believe it when my team came over the radio and told me I had qualified in fifth.

At the end of the session my team told me I had to make my final lap count as I pulled into the pit straight for the last flying lap.

It [the lap] was on the edge and I hit the kerbs seriously hard in a few places to get the most out of the car. When I looked down and saw 2:24:36 as I crossed the line I knew it was a good lap.”

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Unfortunately he and his team-mate were penalised for using the wrong tyres and were forced to start both races from the back of the grid.

All cars must get checked after qualifying and about an hour or so after the session my team manager called me over and said we had an issue with the tyres.

Unfortunately a batch of my tyres and my team-mate’s tyres got mixed up in qualifying. We get a few new sets each weekend but they all have barcodes on them and must belong to the same batch.

I was shattered because I had just done a pretty good lap and to have that stolen from me basically because of a barcode was really upsetting.”

Putting the setback to the back of his mind, Young drove two of the races of his life despite the pressure of racing under the watchful eyes of Formula One bosses as well as the greatest driver Formula One has seen, who was caught following his progress.

You’re aware the F1 bosses are watching you; you have a lot of important eyes on you. Even Michael Schumacher was caught on TV watching our race on Sunday before his race.

You know the stage you are on but once you line up on that grid and the red lights start coming on in preparation for the start it’s just another race.

But if you have done well and performed well like I did this weekend, people do take notice and they do follow your career.

For me to put in those performances after being out for a while of course helps my cause to reach Formula One.

Overall I think we exceeded expectations on a big stage. We scored solid points but from here I need to make sure I’m in the cockpit again quickly; that will really help me take the next step and push to be on the podium.”



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