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Phuket: Strict new immigration regulations mean crackdown on visa runs

PHUKET: According to reports, Thai Immigration began enforcing new regulations from yesterday (May 10) that will in effect mean that foreign nationals residing in Thailand will no longer be able to exit and then re-enter the kingdom via a land border crossing in order to gain another 30 or 15 day stay.

By The Phuket News

Sunday 11 May 2014, 12:11PM

Example of visa run stamps - into Myanmar on September 7 and back out on the same day.

Example of visa run stamps - into Myanmar on September 7 and back out on the same day.

According to a news story on, which translates an Immigration announcement from Thai to English, Non-Immigrant Visa or Tourist visa holders with time remaining on their visa can exit and enter Thailand as before.

These new measures are targeting instead foreigners who arrive in Thailand without a visa, and who then regularly enter and exit the kingdom every 15 or 30 days as a way of extending their stay in Thailand.

The report says that from yesterday (May 10) visitors may enter into Thailand via a land border only once. After that they will be refused entry to the Kingdom and - if they wish to re-ennter the country, must fly out and return with a visa obtained from a Royal Thai Consulate in a neighbouring country or elsewhere.

QSI International School Phuket

The Immigration Bureau has confirmed that further restrictions are to be enforced from August 12.

The report concludes by saying that a number of Thaivisa members have confirmed that these restrictions are being enforced at the Mae Sai border crossing in Chiang Rai province, with some members saying they are stranded at the border unable to enter Thailand.



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