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Snake show company to compensate Chinese tourist who got bit on nose by python

Snake show company to compensate Chinese tourist who got bit on nose by python

PHUKET: The Chinese tourist who was bitten on her nose on January 9 by a reticulated python after a failed kiss attempt at a Phuket snake show, will be compensated for her medical bills, pain and stress in the amount of B120,000 (US$3,300), a representative of the 'snake show' has confirmed.

By Eakkapop Thongtub

Sunday 10 January 2016, 04:06PM

The compensation amount was confirmed this afternoon by a represenative of the Pa-wai Odski [transliterated] company who operates a "snake charming and venom collection show" in Chalong's Moo 2.

video clip and selfie of the incident, which occurred midday on January 9, quickly went viral on social media, prompting mixed reactions.

Some netizens said that the woman deserved getting bit for daring to get so close and trying to kiss a wild animal, while others asserted that it is the responsibility of tourism operators to ensure safety of all of its customers.

Nonetheless, Santi Pawai of the Phuket Sport and Tourism office confirmed that all of the establishment's snakes are legal and registered, and that the woman is content with the compenstation amount and will not escalate the case any further. 

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UPDATE: The Compensation amount was increased to B135,000 as follows:


Pa-Wai-Odski (transliterated), the company that operates the “snake charming and venom collection show” in Chalong's Moo 2, paid B13,000 to cover medical expenses, B50,000 for victim's compensation, B50,000 for potential sick leave, and B22,000 in additional expenses.

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Seaturtle55 | 10 January 2016 - 22:31:31

C' going to pucker up to kiss a snake? Silly people. If I was this Santi Pawai guy, I would be insisting on any of my "silly" customers signing a full release form before they could come near something like this!! Kiss a snake........that's almost as bad as the SCUBA diver who tried to plant one on a shark and had to have stitches in his lip!!  

slippery snake | 10 January 2016 - 17:05:36

Strange, I thought pythons didn't bite ? 
but put the squeeze on the Chinese..  :)

Aachen | 10 January 2016 - 16:55:17

Of course it is her fault. Kiss a Snake! Ridiculous.It is not the responsibility of the tourism op to run behind a free running woman.
  Of course it is Thailands fault that chinese people do not know that streets are dangerous and the sea is not a bathtub.


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