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Slam dunk

PHUKET: It takes something big to lure 25 kids back to school during their mid-semester break, and Ike Nwankwo is a very big man indeed.

Friday 24 February 2012, 02:58PM

Can you guess which one is the former NBA star?

Can you guess which one is the former NBA star?

The 6’11’’ former NBA basketballer – who played for both the Miami Heat and Houston Rockets – held a skills camp with the students from British International School Phuket (BIS) on Saturday and Sunday, running them through a series of intensive drills and workshops.

At the completion of the camp on Sunday, a competitive match was held, which Nwankwo called “the most exciting camp game I have ever seen”. The final score: 29-28.

Nwankwo held the camp as part of his Top Flight basketball academy, which is based in Bangkok. He was joined in his coaching role by Thai National player Darongpan ‘Palm’ Apiromvilaichai, who flew in direct from representing his country in the Philippines.

Nwankwo will return to Phuket in July for the BIS Summer Camp, with kids from all schools welcome to attend.



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