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Phuket: Sex education should be compulsory: Senator Porapan

Thailand Senator Porapan Punyaratabandhu said recently that sex education should be integrated in school curriculums in order to help address the rising number of teen pregnancies in Thailand.

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Friday 26 October 2012, 11:49AM

The senator and Asia Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development (AFPPD) Secretary General said that while overpopulation is no longer a concern in the country, the uncontrolled growth of teen pregnancies is now cause for alarm.

According to the Health Department , 2010 data showed that 20 percent of pregnant women in Thailand were under 20 years old. Ms Porapan noted that the number of teenagers with HIV infection is also on the rise.

Teen pregnancies cause issues in maternal health and child health, since most of the infants born from teen mothers have low birth weigh. The Senator maintains that teen pregnancies happen mostly because of improper dissemination of birth control information.

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Ms Porapan believes that sex education should be included in the curriculum and be made a compulsory course in order for it to be more effective. One possible problem with this though is that Thai teachers consider the subject of sex as taboo, and should not be discussed in public.

The Senator added that lawmakers have been trying to integrate sex education in the school system in order to teach teenagers to practice safe sex.



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