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Russians still top Phuket arrivals

PHUKET: After a two-month hiatus, Phuket Immigration has released statistics of the number of international arrivals landing in Phuket, with Russian nationals still holding the top spot for the first two weeks of March.

By The Phuket News

Saturday 18 March 2023, 11:38AM

According to the report, released yesterday (Mar 17), a total of 184,762 foreigners  entered the country via Phuket International Airport from Mar 1-15.

Of those 47,525 were Russian nationals, with a further 21,414 arriving from China. Indian nationals placed third with 14,320 arrivals, followed by arrivals from Kazakhstan (9,703) and Germany (9,602).

Of note, the most recent previous daily report by Phuket Immigration marked that 117,595 Russian nationals had arrived in Phuket from Dec 1-18. Arrivals from India held the second spot on the Top 5, with 49,669 arrivals.

For the first time included in Phuket Immigration arrival reports yesterday was that 214,528 foreigners were registered as staying at an accommodation venue.

The report carried the warning: “The host, the owner, the occupier of the dwelling, the hotel manager, when a foreigner stays, has a duty to inform the immigration officer within 24 hours. Violation is punishable under section 38 of the Immigration Act B.E. 2522.”


Also newly released yesterday was a report of foreigners arriving in Phuket by sea, with a total of 16,035 foreigners cleared to enter Thailand via Phuket from Mar 1-15.

There were eight cruise liners and 31 private yachts arriving in Phuket during the period, along with eight cargo ships but no new fishing boats registered as officially entering the area.

The top 5 nationalities of marine traffic entries were Indonesia (4,146), Malaysia (3,636), United States (2,283), United Kingdom (952) and Singapore (804).


Another new addition to statistics released was a notice informing how many foreigners had been given warnings or deported under the new system of ‘red’ and ‘yellow’ cards, launched earlier this month.

Four foreigners had been issued ‘yellow’ card warnings: Two French citizens, one Ukrainian national and one Swedish national.

A second yellow card for any of the four may now see them deported from Thailand.

Two foreigners had been arrested and received ‘red cards’, meaning deportation: one a Swedish national, the other a French national.

The report marked four categories of offences relating to foreigners: Group 1) Offences relating to body and life; Group 2) Offences relating to property; Group 3) Special cases; and Group 4) Cases in which the state is the victim.

Five foreigners had been deemed to have committed Group 4 offences, namely offences against the state.

A further five foreigners had been found to have breached immigration law by failing to register their place of residence, as required by Section 38 of the Immigration Act.

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Pascale | 19 March 2023 - 15:34:54

Yes John, it is indeed well past time to go somewhere else if you feel like this . But I'm afraid six month later you will still be here and you still keep moaning about this place. 

JohnC | 19 March 2023 - 09:11:02

Spot on CaptJack. That on top of the mass corruption, traffic chaos, dual pricing, pollution, blaming foreigners for everything that goes wrong yet doing anything to grasp foreign $ in their greedy hands, etc. Well past time to go somewhere else...

CaptainJack69 | 18 March 2023 - 22:52:48

Interesting. So over 45% of ALL non-Thai arrivals at Phuket airport are either Russian, Chinese, or Indian. This confirms what we all have been seeing for years, and why so many of the people who knew and loved Phuket over the years now choose to go somewhere else.

johnkettly | 18 March 2023 - 13:17:09

Is there any statistic that shows how many foreigners by nationality are also actually leaving Phuket each day/week? 


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