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REVIEW: What’s Your Number?

Friday 3 February 2012, 04:10PM

106 minutes

Rating: 13+

Director: Mark Mylod

Starring: Anna Faris,
Chris Evans, Joel McHale,
Martin Freeman


What’s Your Number is yet another regrettable entry in the ongoing Hollywood saga of ‘when bad movies happen to good people’.

Pretty much everyone in this movie, from star and executive producer Anna Faris (Scary Movie, The Hot Chick, The House Bunny) right down to Andy Samberg (Hot Rod) who is one of many comedic stars to make a brief cameo, is infinitely better than the material on offer.

The basic operating principle for the movie is that women have a magic number when it comes to love – 20 to be precise, and if you haven’t found ‘the one’ by the time you’ve slept with that many, you’re unlikely to. Ever.

Ally Darling (Faris) has already reached 20, so decides to revisit her list of ex-lovers, hoping her true love is somewhere among them.

As well as being stupid, this concept is also inherently condescending and antiquated. The script is attributed to two women, Gabrielle Allan and Jennifer Crittenden, and based on a novel by a third, Karyn Bosnak, so it’s a little unusual that it subscribes to the notion that a man with a history of promiscuity is
ideal husband material, whereas a woman who has slept with 20 can expect to be regarded as a whore.

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But if you don’t take any of it too seriously, which, let’s face it, you’re not supposed to, then there are a few laughs in store.

It’s definitely cheesy, but if anything, it’s like a fairly good Camembert. It lacks bite, and it’s fairly cheap, but still has it’s occasions where it’s highly enjoyable.

Most of those moments though are through the enthusiasm and comic timing of Faris, and not through any divine intervention on the part of the scriptwriters. You can’t help but feel Faris is an incredibly talented comedic actress who’s just waiting for the right role to showcase her skills. This is not that role.

But as likable as she is, and as charismatic Chris Evans (Captain America) can be, they really don’t make for a good romantic match.

It’s hard to root for them to get together because although their characters seem perfectly nice, they don’t seem like they were ever meant to be more than friends.
There are other issues as well.

The filmmakers don’t seem to know what to do with all the time they’ve got, and they’ve got way too much of it.

You really do feel like they’re checking off a list, working hard to get through all the exes even though we know from the outset what the conclusion is going to be. It’s tedious, and kind of pointless.

Let’s just hope Faris doesn’t need to make 20 movies like this before she finds ‘the one’.
– Dane Halpin

1 1/2 stars



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