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    1 Bedroom Fully Furnished Resort Condo for Sale at Saturdays in Rawai

    Phuket, Nai Thon


    RESALE. Designed by a highly acclaimed architect and run by an award-winning management company, this Art Deco development in Saiyuan is one of Phuket’s real gems. Common interior features include a high vaulted living space with full-length glazing framed with authentic tones of ancient teak. Extra high ceilings give owners premium space with innovative indoor […]

Condos for Sale in Phuket

Phuket attracts people from all over the world who enjoy the warm weather, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.  Many of these tourists decide to either stay or invest, which is why you will find an high demand for Phuket condos for sale. Because there are no onerous restrictions on foreign freehold ownership of condominiums in Thailand, the country has buoyant property market which caters to foreign investors and would-be foreign residents. Condominiums on the island come in all shapes, sizes and prices, with Phuket condo sale prices starting at around US$75,000.  Even on that lower end of the price spectrum you will almost always find condos for sale with shared pools.

There are a number of resort-style condominiums with all of the amenities you would expect in a 4-star or 5-star hotel, including swimming pools, sun decks, gymnasiums, and barbecue grills.  Some of these properties are even managed by world-renowned hotel groups. As you get into the higher-end properties you will find resorts with restaurants on site, and may even enjoy some spectacular sea views. Many of the apartments for sale are in areas like Phuket Town, or the popular beachfront and nightlife area of Patong.  But an important point to be aware of when buying property in Phuket is the distinction between condominiums and apartments.  While the words are often used interchangeably in casual conversation, there are two distinctly different legal definitions.

Apartments are only available on a leasehold basis, and while changes to the term of a lease are currently being reviewed, at the time of writing the maximum lease period is 30 years.  So if you see an advert reading: “Apartments for Sale in Phuket” you should be aware that these are unlikely to be foreign freehold units.However, these apartments may nevertheless offer a potentially excellent investment opportunity, and should not be dismissed out of hand.  It is always worth looking into all of the property options available to you. Phuket is an enchanting place to visit, and a beautiful place to live, attracting tourists and residents from around the world.  So whether you are looking for a retirement home, an holiday home or simply an investment property, the number and variety of condominiums available in Phuket virtually guarantee that you will find that special property that fulfils your needs.

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