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Land for Sale Phuket

Most people are aware that Thailand has a wide variety of property for sale.  Phuket has a buoyant market in both condominiums and villas, and these attract investors to the island from all over the world.  But the Phuket real estate market is not limited to residential developments. It is also possible to invest in land for sale. Phuket is a popular destination with tourists, and while a small plot of land may be right for a dream home or rental property, a little entrepreneurial spirit could transform a larger plot into a development of rental properties.  On top of that, there are also entire islands for sale in Thailand.

Land near the West Coast beaches will obviously fetch premium prices; likewise, any plots offering East Coast sea views will be more expensive than land located further inland.  In Phuket most of these coastal plots have been already been developed over the last few decades, but it is still possible to find spectacular plots of land for sale. Thailand has seen consistent increases in tourist arrivals over the years, and not everyone is looking for the hustle and bustle of the busy beach developments. When it comes to developing land either for yourself or commercial use, a quality plot of land convenient to the amenities such as shopping and supermarkets can be as appealing – if not more so – than the proximity to the beach.  Besides that, at its narrowest point Phuket is only 22 km wide, so you are never far from the sea no matter where you are.

There is an ample quantity of Phuket property for sale, but the laws governing foreign ownership of landed property mean not every piece of land for sale is immediately available to every foreign investor.  However, the right investor taking the right advice can buy virtually any Thai property they desire – they can even invest in Thai islands for sale (as alluded to above). If you are interested in more than a simple holiday home or a rental property, then we can help you to buy land in Phuket.  This must be done “by the book” to ensure that everything complies with Thai law, which is why taking the right advice is essential.  We will help you through every step of the process to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.

It’s all about doing things the right way, which is something we pride ourselves on.

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