Buying Property In Phuket – Houses, Villas & Condos In Cherng Talay

An Overview of Buying Property in Cherng Talay

Cherng Talay is a town and a subdistrict (tambon) of Thalang, the largest administrative district in Phuket. It’s a great area to invest in so we’ve put together an overview of buying property in Cherng Talay and why it might be a great investment for you.

The tambon of Cherng Talay comprises several of Phuket’s most beautiful beaches, and the contrast between the modest area of Cherng Talay and the trendy luxury resorts just around the corner are amazing.

Where is Cherng Talay located?

Cherng Talay is located on Phuket’s west coast, almost halfway between the island’s northern and southern ends.

While a few visitors and locals are unfamiliar with Cherng Talay, it is home to Surin Beach, Layan Beach, and Bang Tao, which is home to the Laguna resorts.

Cherng Talay is accessible from four ways. Either the seaside road south of Nai Thon or the coast road north of Kamala and Patong. Alternatively, from inland, either from Thalang (southeast on the 402 from the airport) or from the Heroine’s Monument (directly east).

Cherng Talay does not have a beach of its own, at least not one named “Cherng Talay Beach.”

However, as previously stated, the Cherng Talay local authority includes Bang Tao, Surin, and Layan, which are arguably some of the best beaches on the island.

Some of Phuket’s most popular beach clubs are located on these beaches (see more in the Nightlife and Entertainment section).

What Cherng Talay Property Should You Buy

Why is Buying Property in Cherng Talay a Good Idea?

Cherng Talay tambon comprises the areas of Surin, Bang Tao, and Layan, as well as the Laguna complex, although it is also a separate entity.

Regardless of whether you consider the town to be a separate entity, the surrounding land is fast changing.

These other important tourist destinations, with their gorgeous and popular beaches, have overflowed into Cherng Talay Town throughout the years. The fact that Laguna’s entrance is on the town’s northern outskirts may have facilitated this.

The neighborhood is seeing substantial development due to its closeness to beaches, luxury resorts, and one of Phuket’s most prominent golf courses. Large firms are investing in new tourist attractions and shopping malls in the neighborhood.

There’s no denying that this is a lovely spot for a vacation or maybe retirement. Tourist demand is expected to persist, implying high rental demand for anybody interested in acquiring property merely for investment purposes.

The region has a lot of potential, and the trend we’ve observed in recent years – tourists preferring this side of the island to the south – appears to be continuously gather steam.

The region has grown in popularity in the past few years, with more retail opportunities, restaurants, pubs, and a world-class water park (now under development).

Those that buy carefully in the Cherng Talay area will undoubtedly be rewarded in the long run.

How to Find Property For Sale in Cherng Talay

For foreigners looking to buy property in Cherng Talay, there is a large selection available, and the location has a lot to offer.

There are multi-million dollar homes set on hills and mountains with breathtaking views of Bang Tao Beach to the north.

The 5-star Laguna resorts, which comprise villas, condominiums, hotels, and a wide 6km stretch of beach, are well groomed grounds in Bang Tao.

Surin, as well as the more quiet Layan, are two of Phuket’s most beautiful and attractive locations.

There are also superb condominiums at reasonable costs, as well as bungalow estates where you may have a little more room within a gated community, among all of this high-end luxury.

Although it is doubtful that someone advertising the rental or sale of a property closer to Bang Tao Beach will use the term “Cherng Talay,” every region named above is officially in Cherng Talay.

You can view some of the properties in the area, click here.

Dining in Cherng Talay

Dining in Cherng Talay

It’s nearly hard not to find a restaurant that suits you in Surin, Laguna, Bang Tao, or Cherng Talay Town.

Grills and steakhouses, as well as Italian, French, Indian, and English pub food, are all available in this area of Phuket. Little Paris, a French restaurant on Boat Avenue, is a great destination for snacks, lunch, or even fancier evening meals.

“Cut,” one of Phuket’s top steakhouses, is located near the lake at the bottom end of Boat Avenue and never fails to impress. It is quickly establishing itself as one of Phuket’s greatest gourmet pleasures, thanks to its world-class chefs and carefully selected products and ingredients.

In the vicinity, there is also a Wine Connection, which is located just across from the Tesco store. Wine Connection has to be one of the most reliable restaurants on the island, consistently delivering quality and affordability, as well as a diverse wine list.

There are also a plethora of local Thai eateries that serve wonderful food at reasonable pricing. There are several excellent seafood eateries along the coastline from Bang Tao to Layan. On the same stretch of sand, you’ll find a variety of beach clubs where you may have a delicious evening meal or dance the night away.

The Cherng Talay region offers it all, from the casual to the upscale, and everything in between.

Grocery Shopping in Cherng Talay

In terms of groceries, there’s a Villa Market on Boat Avenue, one of the island’s few, that’s a wonderful location to stock up on everything you’re missing from home.

Porto de Phuket, the area’s more recent Central commercial complex, is located just next to Boat Avenue. The Central Food Hall is one of the most popular grocery shopping destinations for visitors to the region.

A Tesco Lotus supermarket, as well as a variety of local markets, are located closer to the beach.

Schools in Cherng Talay

Schools in Cherng Talay

Indigo Kids, a well-known international pre-school and kindergarten, is located in Cherng Talay. Indigo Kids adheres to the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidelines for pre-schools.

Shining Stars School, a bit farther south in Kamala, is also a good option for younger children.

The British International School or UWC Thailand are the closest schools nearby Cherng Talay for students in Grades 1 through 12 (or A-Levels).

Nightlife and Entertainment in Cherng Talay

There are enough wonderful restaurants and bars in Cherng Talay to have a fun night out every night of the week. If you’re looking for something else than a standard restaurant or bar, try one of the Beach Clubs just a stones throw away.

While the nightlife in this neighborhood may be plenty for most, if you want a truly “crazy” night out, Patong is really the main place to visit but it’s not too far.

other attractions-in-cherng-talay

Other Points of Interest in Cherng Talay

Lagoon Road is parallel to Boat Avenue and connects to the Laguna Complex’s main gate. Along with Tinlay Place, there are a slew of hip furniture stores, art galleries, massage parlors, cafés, pubs, and boutiques, as well as a few fine restaurants overlooking the lake that separates Boat Avenue and Lagoon Road.

Laguna’s golf course was entirely redesigned in 2015, and the result is a golf resort that has garnered several honors since its reopening. The course snakes its way through the lagoons that give the region its name, with greens created to USGA standards for year-round consistency. The first PGA-branded golf academy in Southeast Asia is located at Laguna Golf Phuket.

On market days, the Boat Avenue and Lagoon Road offer an entirely different experience. The Cherng Talay market, only a short walk away, offers the freshest local goods as well as some outstanding Thai cuisine. Go during dinnertime, have a wander around, and “nibble” from the various sellers. You’ll immediately realize that going out to dine that night is no longer necessary.

Buying property in Cherng Talay can be a great investment so if you’re looking to buy a home in Phuket, take a look around the area for yourself.

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