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Phuket: Promoting green hospitality

PHUKET: Part of our strategy to help the island is to spread the word that going green can be not only positive for the environment but also for the wallet. With a focus on the Thai community and local businesses, we are happy to share the following success story.

By Kanokwan Homcha-aim

Monday 31 December 2012, 02:44PM

A few months ago I met Jintana Trakulhoon, the General Manager of the Royal Phuket City Hotel. I was referred to her by the Phuket Provincial Government Incinerator Plant (PPGIP) in Phuket Town while doing research on recycling.

The PPGIP mentioned that Jintana had won many GREEN awards and her hotel is actually used as a learning centre by the government for effective micro-organism (EM) technology and recycling.

Upon meeting Jintana, I was very impressed with her commitment to make a difference and the numerous programmes she had in place at her hotel which she proudly showed us.

Jintana has saved over B80 million in six years through her programmes, as well as making the hotel more environmentally friendly in the process. A total of 27 programmes are in place at the property and she has received numerous awards for her efforts.

Some of the programmes were more expensive to implement, but with her background in accounting it was an easy sell to her owners as the long-term cost saving was tangible.

Here are some of Jintana’s examples:

  • Changing her boilers to heat pumps

  • Converting the fuel from diesel to LPG

  • Changing to long life light bulbs

  • Buying electronic equipment that uses less power

  • Use of effective micro-organisms that recycle food waste and create cleaning products

  • Switch to ozone system in laundry

  • Special shower heads that reduce water use

  • No use of plastic bags – only linen and paper


Jintana inspires people by her positive attitude and passion for these programmes and said that associate and community engagement were the key to her success.

By educating the staff and developing programmes and clubs for the team with some financial rewards, the programmes become self-sustaining and run by themselves.

Every associate is part of the success and all of the team work proudly to continue to improve.

Seeing that this could benefit other hotels she agreed to share her knowledge and programmes with them and host a SEEK Phuket event at the Royal Phuket City Hotel on cost saving and environmental initiatives.

The event, held last month, was a great success with over 40 participants showing up with a strong Thai contingency (70 per cent) all learning how to improve their own business models to be more sustainable while saving costs.

A variety of hoteliers were in attendance from the GM of the Indigo Pearl to the GM of the JW Marriott Khao Lak, CEO of Absolute Hotels and Resorts together with a host of hotel engineers and associates.

Jintana proudly shared her programmes and gave a very detailed presentation and video of her GREEN concept.

With an eye focused on the SEEK Phuket Sustainability Plan for 2013, this workshop was perfectly in line with supporting Phuket’s sustainable development as we move forward as a group to try and promote best practice and network for a brighter future for all.

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