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Popular guide gets makeover

THAILAND: Australian expat Bruce Bickerstaff’s Your Investment Guide to Thailand, originally released in Thailand in January last year and later in the USA, Australia and elsewhere, has been updated to take into account changes in the Thai economy since then.

Friday 3 June 2011, 06:25AM

The new edition, just out, comes from Chiang Mai-based publisher, Silkworm Books. It has a foreword by Thai caretaker finance minister Korn Chatikavanij and a contribution from respected financial market commentator Marc “Dr Doom” Faber.

The publisher describes the 269-page revised book as such: “The Guide provides a step-by-step guide to help expats establish themselves in Thailand, in a personal financial sense.

It contains a detailed briefing in relation to each of the main Thai investment options, namely: stocks (shares), mutual funds (managed funds), gold, bonds and bank accounts, real estate, and investing in a business.

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The Guide also features an in-depth discussion concerning Thailand’s current and future potential as a venue for personal investment. Finally the Guide provides common-sense guidelines pointers in relation to developing a Thai investment strategy that will dovetail with each investor’s own personal financial plan.”

Changes in the new edition include a re-write of the chapter on the Thai economy, and updating of charts and tables throughout as well as the revision of related discussion within the body of the book. One of the findings was the rapid changes that had occurred in the average returns offered by different Thai asset classes.

The book retails for B695.



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