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How serious should the beach smoking ban be?
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  • 1. How serious should the beach smoking ban be? (Click vote!)
  • 2. Where should Phuket croc ‘Leypang’ go?
  • 3. “What should Phuket do about the deadly Patong Hill road?
  • 4. Should travel insurance be made compulsory for visitors to Thailand?
  • 5. Do the current penalties deter people from breaking the traffic laws?
  • 6. Should tour guides or tourists be charged for coral damage?
  • 7. Should Patong night venues stay open later?
  • 8. Do you support Gov Chockchai’s plan to clear Phuket’s beaches of all vendors?
  • 9. Is the Thai lottery worth playing?
  • 10. Is Pokemon Go a boon or curse for Thailand?
  • 11. Is the Thai work permit necessary?
  • 12. Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?
  • 13. What do you think is the best way to prevent drownings at Phuket beaches during the southwest monsoon?
  • 14. Should Phuket street art stay?
  • 15. Should Songkran water play zones be regulated?
  • 16. How harsh should the immigration overstay re-entry ban be?
  • 17. Phuket Poll: Should Phuket ban RVs?
  • 18. Should fireworks be sold to the public?
  • 19. How important is Christmas to you in Phuket?
  • 20. How far should venues selling alcohol be from schools or other ‘education institutions’?
  • 21. Do you think that the completion of the Darasamut Underpass has been effective in reducing traffic congestion along the bypass road (Chalermprakiet Ror IX Rd)?
  • 22. Should people who identify themselves as transgenders or transsexuals be allowed to nominate the gender shown on Thai ID cards?
  • 23. Do you mind MSG in your food?
  • 24. Which of the following views on the current drug-enforcement policy on kratom best describes you?
  • 25. Do you use air conditioning?
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    Chinese Consulate gifts B200k for Phuket CCTV cameras

    I agree with Capt. Jack's beef about the 400 word limit....(Read More)

    Phuket’s Surin Beach seawall would cause damage, say marine experts

    Wait a some degree of professionalism and common sense finding its way into the situation at Surin? Take notice people, in spite of warni...(Read More)

    Van driver charged with Japanese deaths

    Isn't it a bit premature to say"justice won't be served"?The driver admitted to fall asleep,so no lame excuse here like slippery,wet...(Read More)

    Phuket Airport wheelchair operator slams into tree at speed, survives

    Another day and yet more smashes. s. Driving on Phukets roads makes the Mad Max and Death races movies look like kids games. ...(Read More)

    Chinese Consulate gifts B200k for Phuket CCTV cameras

    It's impossible to express any kind of meaningful opinion in less than 400 characters. What is this Twitter? And suddenly Hotmail is no good? What...(Read More)

    Phuket’s Surin Beach seawall upheaval rankles residents

    Worried about old Casuarina trees? Better stop the paving over of Bangtao beach just south of the Laguna resorts. One really old tree now sports a 2 ...(Read More)

    Interview: Researcher finds that English teachers in Thailand lack cultural understanding

    I'd like to add some additional context to this article. 1. jason was never a siam student, he interviewed thongsook students not siam student...(Read More)

    B30mn tour boat set ablaze in Phuket shipyard fire

    Luckily, our new Seafarer Divers tour and dive boat, next to the steelboat on construction, did not got collateral damages....(Read More)

    DSI posts encroachment warning signs at Layan, Leypang beaches

    Due to the fact that, as mentioned in another comment, now more than 5 years no local elections took place, the Village Heads ( called mayor) have the...(Read More)

    DSI posts encroachment warning signs at Layan, Leypang beaches

    Does it need reps from no less than NINE authorities to oversee this? No wonder no-one can ever accept responsibility...the left hand doesn't know...(Read More)

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