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Should Thailand build the Kra Canal?
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  • 1. Should Thailand build the Kra Canal? (Click vote!)
  • 2. Do you believe in Bitcoin?
  • 3. Should tourists driver’s licences be recognised as legal?
  • 4. How serious should the beach smoking ban be?
  • 5. Where should Phuket croc ‘Leypang’ go?
  • 6. “What should Phuket do about the deadly Patong Hill road?
  • 7. Should travel insurance be made compulsory for visitors to Thailand?
  • 8. Do the current penalties deter people from breaking the traffic laws?
  • 9. Should tour guides or tourists be charged for coral damage?
  • 10. Should Patong night venues stay open later?
  • 11. Do you support Gov Chockchai’s plan to clear Phuket’s beaches of all vendors?
  • 12. Is the Thai lottery worth playing?
  • 13. Is Pokemon Go a boon or curse for Thailand?
  • 14. Is the Thai work permit necessary?
  • 15. Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?
  • 16. What do you think is the best way to prevent drownings at Phuket beaches during the southwest monsoon?
  • 17. Should Phuket street art stay?
  • 18. Should Songkran water play zones be regulated?
  • 19. How harsh should the immigration overstay re-entry ban be?
  • 20. Phuket Poll: Should Phuket ban RVs?
  • 21. Should fireworks be sold to the public?
  • 22. How important is Christmas to you in Phuket?
  • 23. How far should venues selling alcohol be from schools or other ‘education institutions’?
  • 24. Do you think that the completion of the Darasamut Underpass has been effective in reducing traffic congestion along the bypass road (Chalermprakiet Ror IX Rd)?
  • 25. Should people who identify themselves as transgenders or transsexuals be allowed to nominate the gender shown on Thai ID cards?
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    Honda assures Phuket dealer on its way

    Honda assures Let's hope it is true Chrysler last year made the same promise. Until now, nothing I not understand why Anuphas Honda and new...(Read More)

    Women smash up pickup blocking their driveway

    Good on them, the back story to this of their father dying as he couldn’t get to hospital when blocked in previously sheds some light on their actio...(Read More)

    Slippery road blamed for Phuket tour bus colliding with power pole

    Perhaps worn down tires, to fast driving, no knowledge or ignoring of aquaplaning Watch this and learn Aquaplaning - TyreSafe - YouTube (www.youtu...(Read More)

    Phuket Int’l Airport responds to air-con complaint

    Maybe I am wrong, but wasn't this airport closed for about a year to be revamped? obviously new aircons were missed off the list, like the immigra...(Read More)

    Busting out: New Phuket Smart Bus service to serve entire west coast

    I wish this long overdue service the all the best. One little needle in the butt of the criminal mafia organization on this island..... ...(Read More)

    Slippery road blamed for Phuket tour bus colliding with power pole

    Just like the Chinese tour bus crashing in Phang Nga. Then a Chinese man dying in the underpass where motorbikes are not allowed. Confirms one of my e...(Read More)

    Slippery road blamed for Phuket tour bus colliding with power pole

    Ahhh- the road caused the crash, (not accident) not the driver failing to adjust to the road conditions. It all makes sense now!...(Read More)

    Is blurring licence plates on tourist buses, vans and taxis legal in Phuket?

    How about the vehicles with license plates mounted on brackets which point down - giving the same effect as the original post? Then there are the moto...(Read More)

    PLTO approves Phuket Smart Bus for operation, service to begin Feb 28

    I do hope they will be better maintained than the current ones. I was passed by one a few days ago and was engulfed in filthy black exhaust smoke. And...(Read More)

    Relieve Chalong Underpass traffic jams, orders Phuket Governor

    What an absolute load of balderdash. The Governor, speaking out of his backside, orders things to be made better but has no clue how. "Use an alt...(Read More)

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