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PIADS recycles for the community

PHUKET: Inherent in the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate programmes is the focus on developing responsible citizenship and creating a sustainable future.

Thursday 4 July 2013, 11:28AM

At Phuket International Academy Day School (PIADS) this development is encouraged by involving the students and parents in various community support projects.

Over the past term, initiatives have included collection of recyclable materials, repainting the Baan Pa Klong Cheep School in the Thalang District and most recently, in May, taking part in sponsored reading to raise funds for charity.

Kim Minaar, marketing manager at PIADS, said, “On May 27, a group of PIADS students and teachers visited the the Bahn Loong Pitak Orphanage to deliver the supplies that were bought with the money raised from their efforts. It was a great opportunity for the students to see what a difference they can make to the lives of these children.”

PIADS’ ongoing rubbish-recycling project also assists the community as the money received from the sales of the recyclable rubbish is deposited into PIADS’ Community Account, which is used for donations of food and supplies to orphanages.

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Plastic refill sachets from fabric detergents and softeners are collected at PIADS for the Baan San Fan Orphanage. The children and volunteers at the orphanage use these refill bags to make bags for sale. The money collected from their projects supports their orphanage.

Another very important recycling project at PIADS is the used batteries collection. The PIADS’ community collects used batteries, which are exchanged at the pharmacy for baby bottles, baby powdered milk and baby cereal that is donated to the orphanages.

This project not only supports the orphanages but also the environment, as the toxic battery acid that would normally cause toxicity complications at rubbish dumps, is disposed of safely and the metal is recycled. For more information about PIADS, visit



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