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Thailand aiming for complete end to lockdown on July 1: NSC Chief

Thailand aiming for complete end to lockdown on July 1: NSC Chief

BANGKOK: The government has set July 1 for the lift of all business and activity lockdowns ordered earlier to cope with the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), said the National Security Council chief.

By Bangkok Post

Thursday 28 May 2020, 04:42PM

Some vendors and customers remove face masks at Wong Wian Yai market in Bangkok on Thursday even though the government is asking people to wear them. Security officials say all businesses and activities will be allowed to resume in July. Photo: Arnun Chonmahatrakool / Bangkok Post

Some vendors and customers remove face masks at Wong Wian Yai market in Bangkok on Thursday even though the government is asking people to wear them. Security officials say all businesses and activities will be allowed to resume in July. Photo: Arnun Chonmahatrakool / Bangkok Post

These include interprovincial and international travel, as well as the end of emergency decree and curfew, reports the Bangkok Post.

NSC Secretary-General Gen Somsak Rungsita said on Thursday that the lift of restrictions would be a complete reopening of the country. Officials would next month prepare measures for the reopening.

“Authorities will have serious discussions because after the emergency decree ends, other laws will be used instead,” he said.

“People’s cooperation is important. This concerns the use of face masks, social distancing, hand wash and limited activities. As long as the disease is spreading worldwide, we will have to fight against it for a while.”

Gen Somsak said the executive decree on public administration in emergency situations would end in June and the ban on international travel would continue until then.

The full reopening will come after the third phase of the relaxation to take place in June.

The government’s Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) will tomorrow finalise details on what businesses could resume and on what conditions under the third phase of relaxation in June.

Gen Somsak said the committee on business easing did not reach a conclusion yesterday on high-risk activities that were suspended and seriously affected the economy, he said.

For next month, curfew hours would be further shortened and more restrictions on interprovincial travel would be lifted under the third phase, he added.

CCSA spokesman Dr Taweesin Visanuyothin today said more activities at malls would resume and athletes’ practicing grounds would reopen.

Operators and customers would be required to use Thai Chana mobile application for checking in and out of premises since the businesses allowed to reopen in this stage are medium- to high-risk ones.

Prime Minister’s Office Minister Tewan Liptapallop said movie theatres would not reopen because operators said there was no new movie during this time.

"It is not because we oppose the reopening, but operators say there are no new films to screen at the moment," he said.

He also said the government was considering financial aid for temples where all activities stopped inlcuding donations.

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Sandbar | 30 May 2020 - 12:09:36

Let's dont rush into things too early. I would like to see the use of airships and hot air ballons for interprovincial travel first, then ease into jets over the next few months!

wakeup999 | 29 May 2020 - 20:13:25

It’s not clear to me, according to this last decree International travels will be allowed again from 1st July. But what about the previous ban on international flights until July 31? 

Erick | 29 May 2020 - 18:44:36

@harald: so you are obviously a subject matter expert? 
is life so boring that dark conspiration theories need to flourish. What a luck to live during the social media age, right? 

LALALA | 29 May 2020 - 15:25:41

harald... you nailed it

harald | 29 May 2020 - 14:10:53

seems to me the "fight" against flu will never end in thailand to keep the controll and monotoring of the people as never before.  same in almost all countrys in europe using flu as excuse too :-D of course they don´t say flu, they say only corona or covid19 to keep people in fear and scare thinking this is a deady "kliller virus" :-D therefore goverments there working with fo...

Kurt | 29 May 2020 - 13:52:04

After Emergence Decree ends, 'other laws' will be used instead.  Well they better inform the international society now about these other laws. Cut them in stone, and not overnights change them. Work on be trusted by the international travellers. Avoid nonsense actions implementations. 

maverick | 29 May 2020 - 13:51:57

Did my reporting yesterday for myself and wife took 5 mins very straightforward will be the same for some time to come as very few visa extensions one less thing for people to whine about 

Kurt | 29 May 2020 - 13:32:42

Financial aid for temples????   Why the filthy rich temples not support their less rich brothers?

harald | 29 May 2020 - 13:02:33

i like only repeat was a thai as a owner of a small hotel told me about two weeks ago: it is a crime to order a lockdown because of flu. 

Rorri_2 | 29 May 2020 - 10:41:55

International travel, all good, but what countries will allow travel from Thailand to enter their country, and what countries will allow to Thailand... seems a feel good, throw away, comment, seems travel  could be limited.

Jor12 | 29 May 2020 - 09:55:30

Thorfinger...if the emergency decrees which included the closure of businesses were as a result of Covid19 pandemic, what was it then that caused businesses to fail throughout the world and millions unemployed?

Pascale | 29 May 2020 - 09:34:14

@chao ck    You could do a 90day report now or  before July.Immigration is open and absolutely not crowded right now.Apart from that you can use the drive through if you live in Phuket. Easy,safe and time saving.

chao ck | 29 May 2020 - 06:15:44

A timely report but concerned about if90 day report for expats required soon? hopefully the system can be changed to report only if one changed residence. Don't mind report within two weeks for new address but concerned about crowds at immigration in virus time

chao ck | 29 May 2020 - 06:11:56

glad to know reopening soon and the details but wish to know if 90 day reporting for expat will be required again before end of July as previously extended. Crowding at immigration is A concern, hopefully system will be reviewed and changed to reporting only if one has moved to new residence. 

ThorFinger | 28 May 2020 - 21:04:00

Business operates and survives on confidence of decisions made. I am a new business here in Phuket and I have absolutely no confidence that this will be happening. None. I am not preparing for it and i am not putting on any staff. 
We can survive perhaps for this month but i am preparing to close as so many businesses already have around me.  Patong is a ghost town.
Covid19 did not do this.

LALALA | 28 May 2020 - 17:46:51

That all would depend on what measures will apply for international travel. If they keep covid 19 insurance, face masks, tracking apps and quarantine in place nobody will come to LOS anyway.


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