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Phuket: Three steps to feeling healthy

PHUKET: Welcome to ‘Supercharge Yourself’ – a three part series on how you can take quick easy steps to improve your body, mental state and spiritual wellbeing.

Sunday 12 May 2013, 03:20PM

Ron Veldhuis is a workplace trainer and motivator

Ron Veldhuis is a workplace trainer and motivator

The simple truth is that your overall health is a result of what you eat, how you move, what type of movements you make and, believe it or not, the nature of your habitual thinking processes. Therefore, this three part series is divided into:

1. Eat (nutrition): Workouts are easy, but the real challenge is in the kitchen
2. Move (exercise): Workouts are really easy, quick and fun
3. Think (mind focus): Train with your brain
This month I’m starting with nutrition and food.

This is the single biggest issue for most people – the old saying you are what you eat is true.

The first thing you need to do is keep a day journal of what you eat and when (and also where and how you are feeling at the time of eating).

Most likely, about half of you reading this are already listening to that nasty little inner voice saying, ‘That is way too much effort. Keep a journal with dates and times? Forget it.’
Well, there is an easier way and it comes in the form of a smartphone.

All you have to do is take a photo of everything you eat and drink and it automatically stamps a time and date with it. All you’ve got to then do is put a quick note saying how you were feeling at the time, and save in a folder.

Just doing this exercise may come as a huge shock to some of you when, at the end of the day, you realise just how much and what you have eaten. Make sure you include all snacks, drinks, supplements and medication – basically everything you have put into your body.

Most likely you will be eating way too much, including processed food types with very little fresh fruit and vegetables, and even fewer raw live organic foods. 

The key to eating healthy and feeling great is balance, so begin with these ten simple steps:

As soon as you get up start with an alkaline drink. This can just be high quality water with a freshly squeezed lime, or better still a freshly juiced organic juice with, for example, kale, cucumber, lime, pineapple and celery

Balance your food with fresh fruit, vegetables and raw live organic foods 

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Learn to really listen to your body; eat when you need to and always stay a little hungry

Eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. This makes total sense and is really easy to do here in Phuket. We are blessed living on a tropical island with easy access to high quality, low-cost fresh live organic produce (below pic: Pura Organic produce).

Eat five smaller portions spread throughout the day

Drink high quality water or pure fresh juices half an hour before meals – not during meals

Don’t mix protein and carbohyd rates in one serving

Be in a state of grace when you eat. Relax and enjoy the experience

Snack only on healthy raw nut and seed fruit or vegetables in between meals

Drink at least three fresh organic juices a day as well as six cups of high quality water
Just by making these small and easy changes you’ll soon notice you have more energy, feel better and enjoy the benefits of a stronger immune system.

Give this a try and have fun doing it. See you next month for part two, when we look at ‘Move’.

Ron Veldhuis is a workplace trainer and motivator, a peak performance coach and an expedition leader. Contact him at ronveldhuis@live.com

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