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Phuket: Take to the water this May

PHUKET: The Ao Chalong Yacht Club (ACYC) has five new Open Bic dinghies for their Junior Sailing programme. You will never find a better place to introduce kids to sailing, with fair winds, calm seas and tropical water warm if you do fall in.

By Donna Stephens

Thursday 23 May 2013, 09:12AM

Photo: Neil Milne

Photo: Neil Milne

The ACYC are providing weekend dingy courses this month in the Open Bic and mirror dinghies for kids from 7 years up. Dependant on numbers and demand, the ACYC will run a total beginners Stage 1 course and Stage 2 (for kids that have sailed dinghies before or kids that completed stage 1).

So give it a go this May. Or sign up for their summer programmes! For further information contact Sandra on and check out the web link on

Meanwhile, popular band ‘Elephant in the Room’ are playing at the Village Coconut Island on Saturday May 25. This is a family event with a buffet at B600 and discounted drinks. For more information, contact

And now to our readers’ question of the week:

Dear Donna, I struggle to think of things to do with the kids on rainy days. Any ideas?”

When you think of Phuket you think of sun, sand and sea. But the rainy season provides some special opportunities as well. For instance:

  • Nail art: For the girls there are a variety of salons that create amazing nail art for very reasonable prices. You can have your nails decorated with flags, flowers or even butterflies. Even boys can opt to have their football team colours or emblems.

  • Surfing: The south west season means the swell is in. This might not be ideal for the relaxing sea lounger, but for those wanting to surf these are the ideal conditions.

  • Cinemas: Phuket is one of the least expensive places in the world to attend a cinema. You can even indulge in the first class experience complete with socks, blankets, drinks and snacks.

  • Bowling: The Thai’s love bowling and there are a range of indoor bowling alleys. These places are fun for the family, a group or even a birthday party. Lots of loud music and atmosphere that will keep kids busy on a rainy day.

Visit for venue details.

Donna Stephens is the founder of, a website aimed at providing families in Phuket with ideas of what to do for activities, games and fun. Donna will be writing a regular column for The Phuket News that wraps up the best family activities coming up in the month ahead.

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