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Phuket SuperCheap ‘market’ opens next to razed store

PHUKET: SuperCheap staff now have something to keep them busy after the store they worked in burned to the ground – a mini outdoor SuperCheap Market, or “Talad SuperCheap”, has been set up inside tents next to the destroyed building.

By Prapaporn Jitmaneeyaphan

Friday 18 October 2013, 06:17PM

The new Talad SuperCheap.

The new Talad SuperCheap.

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The market started this morning (October 18), with many of the staff from the main SuperCheap working at it selling fresh produce and other items. The market is a far cry from the destroyed warehouse store of somewhat epic proportions, but will sell essential food items to locals in the area.

Many of the people spoken to by The Phuket News were visibly in shock about the recent events, and some were tearful.

One employee who was helping run the market said it started at 5am.

“This market will operate in the same way as we did at the main SuperCheap. We will do our best to give good service to our customers. Many customers come to me and say they feel sorry and they cry. And I also cry.”

One staff member working at the Talad SuperCheap said she was working in the office the night of the fire.

“I heard people yell ‘Fire’ and then I went out of the office. I saw the plastic area was full of flames already. At the time ‘Pae’ [the SuperCheap owner Boonsom Anantajaroonwong] and other male staff were helping to put out the fire.

“Then one of my colleagues grabbed my hand and we both ran away, just after there was an explosion. We escaped out the back of the mall, near the canteen. Thankfully, everyone in my department is safe.

“I was really shocked on the first and second days after this happened. Some of our team are worried and confused about what they are going to do next.”

Another staff member told The Phuket News that she was at her home in Phang Nga when it happened.

“My friend, who I worked together with at SuperCheap, called me over the phone. When I passed SuperCheap when I returned to Phuket....” ahe said, trailing off with a tear in her eye, “I really mourned.”

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“I’ve been working at SuperCheap for 10 years, and I will continue to work here.”

Niratchada Preechawai was one customer who was shopping with The Phuket News arrived.

“I am really sorry to hear about the news of the fire. I could see the flames because my house is at Srisuchart, not far from here. I usually buy stuff at SuperCheap. I’m happy they set up this market because now I can come and shop here. Yesterday I drove passed and saw the sign for the market, so I came today.”












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