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Phuket Sport: Island kids win with ‘Plus One’

Phuket Sport: Island kids win with ‘Plus One’

Since it was founded in Phuket’s Thalang district two years ago, the Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club (TSLC) has been committed to providing a positive influence and sporting inspiration for the island’s children and the local community at large.

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Friday 28 June 2013, 10:46AM

Young competitors in the recent Aquathon at Thanyapura, the inaugural race day of the Superkidz Triathlon Series, presented by Class Act Media.

Young competitors in the recent Aquathon at Thanyapura, the inaugural race day of the Superkidz Triathlon Series, presented by Class Act Media.

Over that time it’s been thrilling to see how Phuket has grown and how sports have inspired

people across the province.
TSLC currently provides a variety of sport camps and events where young athletes can improve and enhance their performance, no matter what their age or ability. They are also an opportunity to experience the excitement of participating in sports at a competitive level.

But they’ve also seen too many talented young athletes give up their favourite sports at a young age, whether from a lack of support, the financial burden to their families, or time limitations.

To address this problem, TSLC established their ‘Plus One’ corporate social responsibility programme to help local athletes and their families financially so they can afford to take part in training sessions and participate in competitions. It has become the foundation of TSLC’s charity work on the island.

From last year’s Ironkids competition to the Thanyapura Rocket Science Swim Championship and the recent Superkidz Aquathlon hosted in June, the Plus One programme has provided opportunities for many local kids to train with TSLC’s certified coaches and join the races.

TSLC is also working closely with teachers from local schools, including the Muang Thalang and Ban Bangtao schools, to support students with training schedules and equipment, event participation, and transport – as well as encouraging their passion for sport.


Many of those children are now progressing well in their sporting skills and fitness, and some are even on their way to becoming professional athletes – a true inspiration for everyone at TSLC.

TSLC is now expanding its Plus One programme to encourage more local athletes, by giving them a safe, high-quality environment to improve their skills, and the motivation and inspiration they need to pursue their sporting dreams and achievements.

Thanyapura's Plus One programme is grateful for the key support of its corporate sponsors, Secure Wealth Management, CBRE, Lee Marine and Team Extreme, who have also witnessed the  participation and achievements of the children involved. 

For more information on Plus One, please contact TSLC’s Kaye by email at: nathaphat.a@thanyapura.com

The Thanyapura Superkids Triathlon series, presented by Class Act Media, is a new series of multi-sport events for children and adults being staged on the island for the first time this year. In addition to the Aquathlon held at Thanyapura in June, three more Superkidz race days are scheduled in the current series: a running race day on September 1, a duathlon race on October 5, and the full Superkidz Triathlon race on March 8, 2014.

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