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Phuket schoolkids ace Wizard of Oz

PHUKET: Aspiring young actresses and actors from the Phuket International Academy Day School's newly formed Performing Arts Department commanded a standing ovation after stellar performances on May 16 and 17 of the 1939 classic, The Wizard of Oz.

By Steven Layne

Friday 13 June 2014, 02:09PM

The Wizard of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz.

You know you've done something right when you can hold the attention of kids as young as five (like many in the audience) for the entirety of the show. Indeed, the whole of the audience – adults and children alike – were captivated throughout the 90-minute showing at the Thalang campus.

The enthralling performance truly lived up to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's original masterpiece – the cast, props, costumes, acting and music were all on the mark, combining to provide quite a convincing escape to Kansas and the mystical Land of Oz.

“This is our first stage production of many more to come,” director Colby Hilker said after the show.

The cast comprised 39 talented students who were carefully selected from a pool of about 60 who'd auditioned last November. The production team consisted of dozens more teachers, support staff, parents and secondary students who worked diligently behind the scenes to ensure a successful show.

“Rehearsals started picking up in January 2014 and the stage was designed by Design Technology Teacher Glyn Puddefoot in December and built by the end of February,” said Hilker.

“This show is an example of the power of community when pointed in a positive direction,” he said.

Now that the bar has been set high, Colby and company won't have an easy time topping their inaugural show. But we certainly look forward to their next effort. Watch this space.


The Wizard of Oz

Cast List

 Dorothy Gale – Natalya Dougall – PYP8

Aunt Em – Sophia Netboot – MYP1

Uncle Henry – Kim Keiser – MYP3

Hunk – Anna Gorlova – PYP7

Scarecrow – Chloe Schrijnemaekers – MYP1

Zeke – Isaac Nguyen – MYP2

Lion – Khiri Chumtong – PYP8

Hickory – Calki Garcia – PYP7

TinMan – Victor Keiser – MYP2

MissGulch – Jasmijn Cornelisse – MYP1

Wicked Witch of the West – Annalis Johnson – MYP3

Toto – Lola Varnier – PYP5

Professor Marvel – Stuart Macpherson – PYP7

Wizard - Oz's Voice – Chanon Cserepy – MYP2

Glinda – Bianca Peace – MYP1



Brittany Moorcorft-Minnaar – PYP6

Anissa Asavathanachart Nas – PYP6

Maddie Macmillan – PYP6

Zoe Wittmer – PYP6

Shakira Peace – PYP6


Mayor of Munchkin City Lucy Johnson – MYP1

Barrister –Teva Chumtong – PYP5

City Mother #1 – Olivia Pulaski – PYP6

City Mother #2 – Araya Cserepy – PYP6

Coroner – Elise Nguyen – PYP7


Tots (Ballerinas):

Francesca Catanese – PYP4

Lottie Ann Spoors – PYP4

Helene Aouiche – PYP4

Samantha Macpherson – PYP4


Tough Kids:

Jirra Warakulnukroh – PYP5

Nicolas Berger – PYP5

Vanessa Netboot – PYP5



Calki Garcia – PYP7

Anna Gorlova – PYP7

Christian Hejselbjerg Vagtborg – PYP8

Sophia Netboot – MYP1

Bianca Peace – MYP1

Isaac Nguyen – MYP2


Nikko (Leader of the Winged Monkeys) – Maxime Schrijnemaekers – MYP1


Winged Monkeys:

Nicolas Berger – PYP5

Teva Chumtong – PYP5

Vanessa Netboot – PYP5

Leader of the Winkies – Christian Hejselbjerg Vagtborg – PYP8

Winkie Guards:

Magnus Lyons – PYP7

Max Mandeus – PYP8

Kim Keiser – MYP3

Chanya Cserepy – MYP3


Optimistic Voices:

Anna Gorlova – PYP7

Elin Ydmark – PYP8

Lucy Johnson – MYP1

Maxime Schrijnemaekers – MYP1

Jasmijn Cornelisse – MYP1

Bianca Peace – MYP1


The Ozians:

Oz Woman – Elin Ydmark – PYP8

The Doorman of Emerald City – Magnus Lyons – PYP7

Guard – Max Mandeus – PYP8

Stuart Macpherson – PYP7

Anna Gorlova – PYP7

Elisa Gorodetskaya – PYP8

Jasmijn Cornelisse – MYP1

Lucy Johnson – MYP1

Bianca Peace – MYP1


Lady in Rocking Chair – Elin PYP8


Rowboat Man #1 – Chanon Cserepy MYP2

Rowboat Woman #2 – Maxime Schrijnemaekers MYP1


Crow 1 – Jasmijn Cornelisse MYP1

Crow 2 – Elisa Gorodetskaya PYP8


Apple Tree 1 & 3 – Chanya Cserepy MYP3

Apple Tree 2 – Elin Ydmark PYP8


Cat – Samantha Macpherson PYP4







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