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PHUKET PROFILE: Pinky Jatikavanich, Owner, Gallery Cafe

PHUKET: If you refer to the cafe on the corner of Rassada road as ‘Pinky’s’ instead of the actual name of the Gallery Cafe, then you probably already know who Pinky Jatikavanich is.

Friday 15 June 2012, 02:37PM

Pinky Jatikavanich, Owner, Gallery Cafe

Pinky Jatikavanich, Owner, Gallery Cafe

How long have you lived on the island?

Six years. After I got my master’s degree in marketing, and my diploma from Le Cordon Bleu in the UK, I decided to come back to Thailand. Phuket was the first place that I thought of as a good place to live and start my own business.

What is the best thing about living in Phuket?

It’s a small town and very easy to go from place to place, with many great restaurants and beaches.

What do you do to relax when not working?

I love hot yoga and reading books on the beach if time allows. I like surfing as well. It’s my new sport.

As a chef and restaurateur, what’s your favourite food?

I eat everything but my favourite dishes are from Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Running a restaurant must be stressful, what has been your worst day at work?

The road my café is located on has odd and even days for parking on either side.
On a day when you could not park on this side of the road, I parked in front of the café as usual to unload groceries, and got my tire locked with a clamp within 10 minutes.

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The person you admire the most and why?

My friend Oscar, who always gives me reality checks.

If you could change one thing about Phuket, what would it be?

Public taxis could be more reasonably priced.

Where in Phuket would you take someone on a first date?

Morning coffee at my café probably, then Sala Phuket for a meal and then definitely drinks at Saneha.

Favourite place on the island to escape from it all?

Kata Noi beach because it’s small and quiet.

Your perfect night out?

I’d like to start my evening having dinner with close friends at one of my favourite restaurants, and then drinks and dancing, but it all depends...



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