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Phuket police on full prevention mode for this year's Vegetarian Festival

Phuket police on full prevention mode for this year's Vegetarian Festival

PHUKET: Phuket City Police held a presentation to the Governor Maitree Intusut yesterday (October 4) about the preparation plan during the Vegetarian Festival at Phuket City Police Station.

By Naraporn Tuarob

Saturday 5 October 2013, 10:49AM

Police will be on full guard during the annual Vegetarian Festival

Police will be on full guard during the annual Vegetarian Festival

Eight out of the 18 shrines in Muaeng District will host ceremonies during the festival as the parade in Phuket town starts this Monday, October 7, through to next Sunday, October 13.

For the safety measures, the police are dividing their forces into three parts: traffic convenience, crime prevention, and a safety team for tourists. On top of this, police have issued a warning to parents that children are not allowed to buy firecrackers and to take precautions when participating in the activity. 

Traffic Convenience team

  • Police force will be on guard as the parade winds through the streets.

  • A police unit will be available to alleviate traffic congestion.

  • Forklift trucks will be provided in each area that is likely to be congested.

  • Ambulance van, firetruck will be on hand.

“About closing the road, it will be on the October 6 where there will be a parade to honour the King from Sanam Chai to Saphan Hin but it will be approximately one hour. However, we will not block the entire road for the whole one hour. We will try to clear the road at the same time the parade moves. Also, for the road users, we will try to make the traffic flow by using the road nearby,” said Pol Col Sermpan Sirikong, Superintendent of Phuket City Police Station, after the meeting.

Crime Prevention team

  • Uniformed and undercover patrol Officers will be on foot, in patrol cars, and motorbikes.

  • Supporting Unit

  • Security guards at the shrines

Tourist Safety team

  • Crime prevention

  • Provide tourist information at the Tourist Service Centre

  • CCTV

  • Set up a phone line group at 191 for emergencies and a Tourist Operation Group for criminals.

In the event that a criminal case involving a foreigner arises, the Tourist Safety team will also provide an interpreter and conduct swift investigations. Any foreigner who is caught committing a crime will be in custody and not allowed to leave the country.

For the coming festival, there will be lots of tourist coming, so we are concerned about the case like robbery or snatching. But from last year, there were no cases about this we just would like to warn them to be careful. We also arrange the police force to keep an eye during the festival to prevent any case to happen.” said Pol Col Sermpan.

Another thing is the firecrackers and fireworks. Most of time will be young people and children. If you throw it into the parade, then it's not appropriate. We have launched the letter to publicise about the warning of the firecrackers purchasing. So I would like to urge parents to keep an eye strictly on your children, otherwise we will use the law enforcement”.


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