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Phuket pics 'n' pals

PHUKET: The acronym PNP stands for both Phuket Neo Photo and, informally, Pics n’ Pals. It is a group of like-minded friends who all live in Phuket and who are all incredibly passionate about taking photos.

By Sukunya Phoonpong

Saturday 19 May 2012, 02:11PM

Member Soopphareok Teepapan, who is also a graphic designer, explained how the group started from just a small group of friends who liked to take photographs as a hobby.

“We just saw each others’ photos from different photo websites and began chatting about photography on various forums online. We found out that the majority of us lived in Phuket, and so we started to meet to take photographs together and became friends ever since. We initially decided to launch our own website so it would be easier to contact each other,” Mr Soopphareok says.

When phuketneophoto.com started in 2007, there were just 20 members, but now there are over a thousand members. Yongyuth Chankol, who works in a tour agency explains more about the group:

“The members are not of a typical type; our youngest member is thirteen years old and the oldest is about sixty. We are mostly amateur photographers but there are also few professional ones. We welcome all people who like photography, even if they have no basic photo skills.

The group tends to take photos in places predominantly around Phuket, but does sometimes go off the island for a few days. PNP have also organised several public and charity activities in Phuket such as photo contests and workshops in basic photo skills.

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Their most recent activity was the free training course Rookie to Pro (RTP).

“The RTP is a project to encourage those with the time to learn basic photography skills because we go out and teach photo shooting by taking photos and then making
suggestions and giving advice to help them improve,” says Mr Yongyuth.

“Now, there are three RTP groups and I think their skills have greatly improved, some members have had their photos published in magazines or have won photography contests and more importantly, some have made really good friendships.”

For more information, visit: phuketneophoto.com



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